DJ Vapour – Deep Jungle Mix 06/2013

© Derek Djons


Here is a mix of some nice dnb tracks that bring back memory’s of the mid 90s to me when I was at Cambridge regional college pretending to study art and design when instead i spent most of the days down the pub or mixing with mates from the course. Not to much learning about art but loads of great musical discovery’s. This mix really just throws all my fav tracks from that period together. Enjoy !

Love the little story behind this, great mix! If you are using the mediafire link you will need the password “fuckmediafire” to extract the ZIP-File.

System X – Version
DJ Unknown face & NKS – Dats Cool
Phaze III & Klass A – Artificial Reality (Dextrous remix)
System X – Mind games
DJ Second Beat – Blue Eye
Van Kleef – Life Began Changing
Acro – Untitled
D Note – Inequity Worker (Devils work mix)
Dom & Roland – Definition
Rough Revival – Who Goes There
Photek – Touching Down
Sounds of Life – Currents (Remix)
Plasmic life – Water Baby
Bjorn Stokes – You’re Mine
DJ Krust – Jazz Note

1 thought on “DJ Vapour – Deep Jungle Mix 06/2013

  1. Flawless mix! Been looping this a couple of days now. Goosebumps every time i hear anything from that saigon EP by Dom&Roland.

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