Dubsky & Magnafide – Mix for Submission 05/2013

info: soundcloud.com/magnafide, soundcloud.com/djdubsky

Dubsky & Magnafide from LA hit me up with this wicked mix that turned out to be right up my alley. A nice balance of funky roughness, originally recorded for cannibalradio.com. Check out their strong release on Steppin Forward and more.

Qlyph – ‘Used To Be’ (Soul Deep)
SpectraSoul – ‘The Gift’ (Shogun)
Sabre feat. Kase – ‘Gift You Gave VIP’ (Emcee)
Flowrian – ‘Recharged’ (Soul Deep)
Dubsky & Magnafide & Teal – ‘Learning Curve’ (Soul Deep)
Scott Allen – ‘Dusk’ (Celsius)
Phil Tangent – ‘Giving Up The Ghost’ (Rubik)
Dubsky & Magnafide – ‘Handsome Devils’ (Soul Deep)
Break & Hydro – ‘Immaculate’ (Quarantine)
Random Movement – ‘A Wallflower In The Dark’ (Phuzion)
Facing Jinx – ‘Consumed’ (Peer Pressure)
Joseph Ablett & Scott Allen – ‘Goodbye Wish’ (Celsius)
Phat Playaz & Jrumhand – ‘Tools’ (Fokuz)
Zero T – ‘Roxy Music’ (Dispatch)
Dubsky & Magnafide – ‘Overture’ (Stepping Forward)
Exit 9 & Payne – ‘Insomnia’ (Stepping Forward)
S.T. Files & Response – ‘Nailbomb’ (Ingredients)
Phil Tangent – ‘Hindsight’ (Santorin)
Arp-1 – ‘Virgo’ (Telluric)
Seba – ‘Can’t Describe’ (Secret Operations)

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