Lekke – My kind of deep – 02/2007


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A chilled down blend of deeper vibes, celebrating the good old days of 74 minute mixes. Exclusive for Breaksblog.biz.


01. Seba & Paradox ft. R. Manos – Wakeup Call (Secret Operations)
02. Presence – Secret Headquarters (dub)
03. Kubiks & Lomax – Showdown (Soundtrax)
04. Icicle – Magnetism (Fokuz)
05. Holdtight – Old Times (Industry)
06. Henree – SoDeepItHurts (dub)
07. Logistics – Haunted By Her Yesterdays (Hospital)
08. Stunna – Northside (Strictly Digital)
09. Bcee & Lomax – Letting Go (Fokuz)
10. Presence – Three Mile (dub)
11. Peyo & Cloudnine – That’s What You Do To Me (dub)
12. Autumn – It’s Always About The Girl rmx (Celsius)
13. Icicle – Can’t Be (Fokuz Limited)
14. Kubiks & Lomax – 13 Senses (FunkySoulForYou)
15. Atlantic Connection – Situations (Dispatch)
16. Lenzman – Deeper Than You (dub)
17. Zyon Base – Nightingale (Fokuz)
18. Kubiks & Lomax – Things To Come (Phunkfiction)

50 thoughts on “Lekke – My kind of deep – 02/2007

  1. someone was at roxys for marky… grrr ‘jealous:
    loving the deepness! great to hear Northside on a mix
    will be bumping this tommo on the commute :)

  2. someone was at roxys for marky… grrr ‘jealous:
    loving the deepness! great to hear Northside on a mix.
    will be bumping this tommo on the commute :)

  3. Peyo & Cloudnine – Thats What You Do To Me! Sexy vibe right there. Loving the mix. big ups playa :D

  4. Затираю микс в плеере уже неделю. Офигенно. Очень качественно. Спасибо. Отличная подборка!!!

  5. I am so glad that I listened past the first track. The landscape of the mix changes dramatically very early on. And by the 30 minute mark the listener is emerged deep in the most positive uplifting electrofunk d&b I’ve ever heard. This is definitely my kind of deep! And to top it all off, it is mixed to perfection, too. Thank you Lekke!

  6. yeah i have to agree with the above comment by rykos ,, the drop at 34.17 really does the trick for me,,,,,,,,,, respek lekke,, fine mix :)

  7. @ Rykos that Break it down vocal and drop gives me goose bumps every time!

    This is such a solid mix! Listening to it like twice a day now…haha. If the drumfunk at the beginning wasn’t there I wouldnt care one bit. So nice to see a deep soulful sound coming on strong in 07. Labels like Celsius, Fokuz, Horizons, Spearhead, phunkfiction and the like are really killing it right now.

    Nice one Lekke

  8. Tnx for the wicked comments you guys… didn’t expect so much appreciation since most of these tunes (all are my absolute favorites as of lately) are quite “under the radar”… and once again, thanks to all the artists that keep sending me music for my soul

  9. pitanje jedno….koja je stvar od 28:24 (tu negdje pocinje) pa do negdje 32 minute? dali je to Stunna – Northside (Strictly Digital) ili Bcee & Lomax – Letting Go (Fokuz)?

    unaprijed thanx na odgovoru…

    now in english: which tune is the one that starts around 28:24 and fineshes around 32nd minute? love the sound of keyboards…is it Stunna – Northside (Strictly Digital) or Bcee & Lomax – Letting Go (Fokuz)?

    odlican mix….slusam ga cijeli dan….steta sto u aquariusu se nemoze cuti koji put ovakav sound…

  10. Just snagged myself a copy of Bcee & Lomax – Letting Go (Fokuz)

    Aorta [BCee & Lomax Rmx] Love Hope & Future on the flip is a fine track as well.

    Thanks again for introducing this one to me, slipped under my radar!

  11. ахуенна!) один из лучших ликвидных миксов, который я когда блибо слышал)

    excellent! it’s one of the best liquid mixes i’ve ever heard)

  12. STILL lovin this mix. sounds so damn good in the car during my hellacious commute to work. deeeeeeep! i really need to get my hands on some of these tunes!

  13. reading how many people liked this made me very keen on making a sequel… thanks all for good reviews

  14. been listening to it for a few months now…almost non stop…have to say…it is definitely my favourite mix ever…eeeeeeeezzzz

  15. Gotta agree, love this mix. Maybe overplayed it a bit, would love a sequel – keep them coming :D

  16. one of my favorite mixes of the past couple of years. still in rotation 4 months later. good job mate. killer mix.

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