DJ Bal (Vampire, Brand Nu, Influence) – Promomix 02/2009



so this is my first promo mix ever.
it doesnt have lots of dubs as i didnt want to get in trouble with other labels/artist but it has lots of my own tunes and my favourites on it mixes are allright, i could do much better when drunk.

Maybe his first official Promomix but we had his mixes on breaksblog quite a few times already. Bal is one of my personal favourite Djs and producers, check out his forthcoming stuff on Brand:Nu, Influence Records and more. Get on this, proper classics and new Bal beats inside!

01. bal – yet untitled 80s vibe tune
02. ed rush and optical – lifespan
03. bal – persona
04. d bridge – creatures of habit
05. roni size – watching windows – dj die remix
06. calibre –
>>> photek – the bleeps tune
07. matrix – sleepwalk
08. calibre – always lovin you
09. jonny l
10. bal – all city
11. calibre – sokitume
12. spy –
13. bal – red river valley
14. dj die – clear skyz
15. bal – blow up
16. dj die – something special
17. ? – strontium jazz – dillinja remix
18. bal – demon lover
19. jonny l – intasound
20. bal – remembrance
21. calibre – same ‘ol
22. bal – untitled housey
23. commix – painted smile
24. ed rush and optical – naked lunch
25. dj krust – soul in motion

23 thoughts on “DJ Bal (Vampire, Brand Nu, Influence) – Promomix 02/2009

  1. i wasnt around when ed rush and op were doing there thing when ‘lifespan’ came on in this mix i was like this is FRESH…only to find out its over 10 years old. nice to see how much this musics moved on :P

  2. Lifespan is one of my fave tracks ever. Some really great oldies on here! Watching Windows, Clear Skies, Sleepwalk… Love it. :)

  3. Lovin the pic – thats worth a download just on that. Loved Bals previous podcasts looking forward to hearing this one

  4. one of the best mixes i heard in years, it dont need to be the freshest newest dubs shizzle for a damn good mix and thats a perfect sample for this :)

  5. Big ups to the Bal!!
    Yes…one of the best in years. lil’ old and lil’ new, and not alot of unreleased, lovin that, great mix.

  6. Nice to hear Strontium Jazz again, I have managed to lose my copy of Quantum Mechanics, gutted. Good mix.

  7. Anyone seen Bal stuff for sale (MP3)? I’ve searched Beatport and Juno-download and I can find 1 System/Bal track. There’s got to be more!

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