Aaron Jay – Influence Records Podcast #4 05/2009

Aaron Jay | Influence Records

info: myspace.com/djaaronjay

Thanks to everyone that’s been supporting the label and the Data 12″. Big Love to all those who have been coming out recently to see me DJ! Keep supporting good dnb, and have a good summer.

This Podcast means two hours worth of music selected and mixed by Aaron Jay. Make sure to pick up the upcoming and excellent “Out there EP” by Bal, followed by a 12″ with Brother b/w Eveson. Enjoy!

01. My Sentimental Moods – Makoto (Creative Source DUB)
02. Model Way – Calibre (Signature)
03. Untitled –DJ Clart & Dave Owen (DUB)
04. Necessary – Mr. Joseph (DUB)
05. The Trendy Tune – Bal (Out There EP – Influence Records DUB)
06. The Alchemist – Concept & Schnek (DUB)
07. Red Snapper – Atom (Influence Records DUB)
08. Eight – Edward Oberon (DUB)
09. It’s Taking Over Me – Bladerunner (DUB)
10. Load Screen – Sinistarr (DUB)
11. Good Sound – DJ Clart & Singing Fats (Influence Records DUB)
12. Ring tone – Calibre (Samurai Records DUB)
13. Used Illusions – Random Movement (DUB)
14. Storm – Makoto & Deeizm (Human Elements DUB)
15. Bad Selecta – Mr. Joseph (Influence Records DUB)
16. Bonfire Youth – Robot Redford (DUB)
17. The Enemy Within – Data (DUB)
18. Pop – Calibre (DUB)
19. Food For Thought – Eveson (GLO DUB)
20. Walkie Talkie – Aaron Jay & Lynx (WORLD EXCLUSIVE – Influence Records)
21. Back on Earth – Mr. Joseph (Influence Records DUB)
22. Mirror Image – ASC (DUB)
23. Luna pack – Derrick & Tonika (DUB)
24. Abstractions – K-Dan (DUB)
25. Parable – Delta & Format (DUB)
26. The Future (2007 Remix) – Rkive Remix (DUB)
27. Wu Tang – Serum & Bladerunner (DUB)
28. Deadline – Digital & Spirit (31 Records)

40 thoughts on “Aaron Jay – Influence Records Podcast #4 05/2009

  1. its about time someone booked aaron jay over here on the mainland. mr jay is the most forward thinking dnb selector. the guy picks the gems out way b4 the big dogs. if the last podcasts are anything to go buy this will be sweet.

    big up.

  2. Standardly BIG looking but Aaron son, sort out the artwork on your 12′”s. It possibly holds the dubious title of ‘worst artwork in dnb’ (of which there’s no shortage of nominees).

    Sick tunes tho…

  3. 17. The Enemy Within – Data (DUB)
    18. Pop – Calibre (DUB)
    19. Food For Thought – Eveson (GLO DUB)


  4. Wu Tang – Serum & Bladerunner (DUB)


  5. whats the tracklist for the bal EP, is venus in furs gonna be on there

  6. This just made my dull grey monday. Big up, Mr Jay, blinding TL as per!

  7. Jesus… what’s the tune at 52 min? The Random Movement bit? Wow…

  8. (Disco stu)

    If you want to follow everyone and listen to what is really pop music now you do that.

    DnB is a small scene and always will be it will not die it just will not get as big as house.

    so fuck off and dont slate this scene you big house Quim!!

  9. (Element)

    Well said

    WTF are you doing here anyways Disco Stu , you big pansy!

  10. As ever, seriously tearing selection… “model way” almost ripped my bose system apart in the car! And that’s only the second tune… awesome… Nice one Mr Jay…

  11. nice show :)

    some track edits:

    23. Luna Park – Derrick & Tonika (DUB)

    28. Deadline – Digital (31 Records)

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