Bal & Bratwa @ Bladerunnaz Studio 29/03/2008

Bal and Bratwa

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Two hours of dope beats, tightly selected and mixed by Dj Bal and Dj Bratwa. This is a keeper with heaps of modern classics so don’t you miss out on this. Taken from the hungarian mix repository, – More goodness over there.

physics – dreamworld (d-bridge remix)
zero tolerance + beta 2 – refusal
random movement – psychedelic drainpipe
marky + ai + ben westbeech – shame
calibre – same ole
klute – property is theft
lomax + focus – 5 weeks
nu:tone feat talc – jet stream
calibre – highlander
dwele – hold on (d-bridge remix)
solid state – just a vision (mist remix)
zero tolerance – old oak
break – let it happen
future cut – whiplash
high contrast – kiss kiss bang bang
nate dogg f. warren g – regulate (utah jazz remix)
bal – blow up
calibre – is it you
goldtrix – trippin
marky + makoto – stressed out
uncut – midnight (mist remix)
capone – friday
influx uk – take my
ruffige kru – is this real (commix remix)
matrix + fierce – tightrope
adam f – brand new funk
dj zinc – flim (calibre remix)
mos def – panties (zero tolerance remix)
lynx – disco dodo
>>> roni size – trust me
dj die & clipz – good old days
nasty habits – nhs (total science remix)
omni trio – renegade snares (high contrast remix)
breakage – clarendon
calibre – second sun
calibre – don’t watch this

27 thoughts on “Bal & Bratwa @ Bladerunnaz Studio 29/03/2008

  1. what meek said :D shout out to hungarian fellas

    nice one for digging out Whiplash, haven’t heard it in a loooooong while

  2. you know what… I’d like to hear an entire mix of natty steppers like property is theft, it took a long time, shaku etc

  3. A keeper indeed.. Great mix, its always nice with sum classics!


  4. dwele – hold on (d-bridge remix) needs a cheeky white label release…

    nice mix of new and old forgotten flavors… job well done :)

  5. wow what a nice set, big up bal n bratwa!
    love the remix of goldtrix – trippin so much .. matrix did a good job! :D

  6. nice tracklist with a bunch of classic tunes…
    calibre – highlander
    solid state – just a vision (mist remix)
    future cut – whiplash
    goldtrix – trippin
    uncut – midnight (mist remix)
    capone – friday
    matrix + fierce – tightrope
    adam f – brand new funk
    lynx – disco dodo
    breakage – clarendon
    calibre – second sun

    on the d/l

  7. [Comment ID #393385 Quote]

    in fact the tune on this mix is “a-sides-dreamworld” . however i did a tune on blindside a few years ago titled “dreamworld” too, that d-bridge has remixed. It all got a bit confusing when asides did this tune tbh

  8. Nice to hear mix that isn’t just all bleeding edge beats for the sake of being the newest stuff.

  9. I agree XOXOXOXOXO

    Mixes with ALL dubs that are played because they’re new and hard to get usually won’t stand the test of time either.

    This mix does an exceptional job of breaking out of the typical breaksblog mixset.

    Good job guys!

  10. Honestly probably one of the best mixes I have heard in a while… loving the vibes…

  11. liking this one a lot! some classic tunage.
    bal – blow up does it for me. deep!

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