DJ Bal – Thoughtless Mix 12/2007



Digging on the interwebs sometimes really is worth it. Today i found out about this new mix by Dj Bal out of Budapest … Also make sure to grab his latest free 320kbps MP3 release right here. Seriously good tunes that should really be on wax …

1. Calibre – Carry Me Away [Signature]
2. Klute – Property Is Theft [Commercial Suicide]
3. Marcus Intalex – Low Life [Soul:R]
4. Bal – The Mysterian
5. Calibre feat. Steve Spacek – For You Alone [Exit Recordings]
4. Bal – Blow Up
5. Calibre – Venus And Mars [Signature]
6. Alix Perez and Specific – Muddy Waters
7. Bal – I Saw You Blink
8. M.T.M.S. – Rubber Room
9. Digital and Spirit – Void [Timeless]
10. Bal – Lithium
11. Calibre feat. DRS – Movin [Signature]
12. D Bridge – The Haven [Exit Recordings]
13. Commix – Be True [Metalheadz]
14. Bal – 9th Wonder
15. Bal – Les Levres En Feu [Playmusik]
16. Bal – Remembrance [Vampire Recordings]
17. Breakage – Clarendon [Digital Soundboy]
18. Bal – Venus In Furs
19. Calibre – Thoughtless [Digital Soundboy]

23 thoughts on “DJ Bal – Thoughtless Mix 12/2007

  1. I loved the other mix he did on here with SKC a year or so ago….. pon the dl. Also feeling the music he is making – thanks for the 320s.

  2. Nice mix.. nice tunes.. If jungle is dead stop hanging around the cemetery and go listen to Armin van buuuuuuren.. bah humbug.. I hate people who post negative stuff JUST to be negative and show everyone they remember what the music was like 10 years ago..

  3. tasty looking setlist, looking forward to getting the ears in on this. cheers Bal :)

  4. can’t wait to listen to it, LOUD….

    for rollo: which set do u mean? can you give me the link please?? thank you.

  5. Jungle? does this guy even know what he’s talking about? maybe in 199 yes but not 2007: as we can see, dnb is still alive n kickin: FIND IT

    Big up to Bal btw!

  6. wow, keep listening back to this one, what a roller….that lithium tune is pure quality, any news on a release?

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