Survival – DOA / Month of Horizons Pt.3 12/2006

Survival Horizons

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What do you think about the current state of Drum & Bass?
I’m hearing more and more really good tunes at the mo…from the likes of Chris Inperspective, Break, Sabre, Zero T to name but a few so I think if things keep on going like they have been then we’re going 2 have an exiting 2007 in d&b.

Having only been mixing for 9 months the “Underground Hero” Survival did his first official mix for download. Dont sleep on this. Heavy filth.

The Plheebass Consideration – L.I.S – Play:Music
Alpine – Survival – Dispatch
The Struggle – Sabre & Jubei
Detector – Survival
Indecision – Calibre & Zero Tolerance
Believe – Survival – Play:Music
Stasis – Survival – Play:Music
The Right Way – Survival & Chris Inperspective
Dawn – Break & Survival – DNAudio
Ringing Ears – Break –Commercial Suicide
U-457 – Survival – Exit
Out The Door – Survival – Horizons
Jam – Survival – Widescreen
Room 237 – Survival
Rio – Survival

29 thoughts on “Survival – DOA / Month of Horizons Pt.3 12/2006

  1. exxxiting!!, thanx breaksblog for bringing 3 A- class sets on this hung over saturday evening!

  2. budmun chune maker, innit.
    so wheres that release schedule – some tunes are overdue there rudegals ;)


  3. Detector is such a baaaad tune man.. wow.. the whole set is sick though. Survival is on it..

  4. I now understand why Steve Survival is causing a stir atm. It is really refreshing to hear some dnb that is a little bit different.

  5. hes the don right now i dread to think whats forthcoming from this man,its like hes purified something in the sound of dnb in that tribal sound hes got goin on ,love it.

  6. Survival=Banaczech? Radness! Loved that old Partisan pressure. No wonder the Survival sound comes so deep 8)

  7. “The Right Way” is the most bangin fuckin tune I’ve ever heard. I want to step on the gas in my car and drive like 150 mph when I hear that shit. Same for “Dawn”!

  8. u-457,room 237,rio,jam..steve nice release on creative source man.plz bring the aformentioned tunes asap.hehehe.

  9. This is such a good set, probably the best I’ve heard in a long long time. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

    Only a fool would miss this, it’s pure junglistical bliss, seen!

    Download it NOW people!!!

  10. champion set. Been getting heavy rotation around these parts.

    Good work Survival.

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