Redeyes – Studio Mix 01/2008



It’s been a while since the last Mix on Breaksblog by Toulouse very own Dj Redeyes. Finally hes back with a bag full of soul dripping Drum and Bass Tunes to sweeten up your sunday. Tunes by Seba & Krazy, Lynx, Perez, Kjell, Miles, Eveson and many more.

Supercrisp 320kbps.

01. Lomax – Verrazano [SPEARHEAD DUB]
02. Calibre – Acrobat [SIGNATURE]
03. Eveson – Deeper Still [CREATIVE SOURCE DUB]
04. Will Miles – Turn This Way [CREATIVE SOURCE]
05. Random Movement – Lesson & Aftermath [CIA DUB]
06. Cybass – Tired Footsteps [DUB]
07. D-Bridge – The Haven [EXIT]
08. Alix Perez – Never Believe [BASSBIN DUB]
09. Calibre – What U Need [CREATIVE SOURCE]
10. Seba & Krazy – Arsenic [INNERGROUND DUB]
11. Breakage – Clarendon [DIGITAL SOUNDBOY]
12. Lynx – Disco Dodo [CREATIVE SOURCE]
13. Lynx – Inferno [SOUL:R DUB]
14. Rufige Kru – Is This Real [EXIT]
15. Naibu – Simple [DUB]
16. Icicle – Late Nights [CRITICAL DUB]
17. Nu:Tone – Hit & Run [HOSPITAL DUB]
18. Craggz & Parrallel Forces & Mosus – Boogie Down [PRODUCT DUB]
19. Will Miles – Picture Time [DUB]
20. Random Movement – Can’t Resist [INNERGROUND DUB]
21. DJ Marky & Makoto – Secret Place [INNERGROUND DUB]
22. Lenzman – Ever So Slightly [DUB]
23. Kjell – Grand Groove [FUNCTION DUB]

47 thoughts on “Redeyes – Studio Mix 01/2008

  1. aight mercy, love this random movement tunes to the bones. Big ups Mike, big ups redeyes!

  2. couldnt have gotten better tunes for pulling overtime on a sunday arvo at work … massive respect redeyes, keep up the great work – loving it!

  3. disco dodo = disco doodoo. so boring. expecting more from mr lynx. clarendon’s alright though.

  4. seba and krazy “arsenic”

    nice, bubbly little tune!

    nice to hear seba do something like his old goodlooking records stuff – never really feeling his dark choppage tunes with paradox etc.

    and wouldn’t worry about “disco dodo”, its just one for the masses… get back to “shaku” lynx!

  5. …with this tracks i’m definetly running out of money on my paypal……yeeeeeeaahhhhh… that a lot. thanks

  6. Beautful Redeyes…….
    19. Will Miles – Picture Time [DUB]

    Sao PAulo, Brazil – CONNECTED (KOMBOZA CREW).

  7. Anyone having problems downloading? I’ve tried the mirror in the post and the one posted in comments. After about 6 minutes worth of the mix, the download claims to be complete.

  8. have you stopped producing, or what?

    T/L looks great, but no redeyes tracks?

  9. just downloaded at 4:20 am us eastern time Jan.22. I’m still having trouble with the recent Marky mix from this sight. I”M PISSED!

  10. breakage – calredon is a sick tune

    also Lenzman – Ever So Slightly — Massive!!

    respect redeyes been needing my hit of souled of stuff

  11. cant stand disco dodo anymore

    Clarendon is niceness though

    Gotta hear to see if there is anything called soul in it

  12. 06. Cybass – Tired Footsteps [DUB]
    23. Kjell – Grand Groove [FUNCTION DUB]


  13. Nice one Mr. Redeyes! Still feeling the Random Movement tracks… Looking -> to seeing RM in NY…. BBBRRRRAAAAAAPPPPP

    Disco Dodo = Tired

  14. juzam your nuts…with stuff like “Clarendon” & “Disco Dodo” getting big, there’s hope for dnb yet! exciting times ahead! :) :) :)

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