DJ Presha – Next Level Show 12/01/2008

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Truly the next level show – some stellar mixing and tuneage from the one and only DJ Presha.


1. Insight – Untitled [N/A]
2. Future Engineers – Bionix [KOSMOS]
3. Soul Intent – Electronic Angel [N/A]
4. SpectraSoul – Cascade [N/A]
5. Break – Lead The Way [COMMERCIAL SUICIDE]
6. Calibre – Lazy Rock [N/A]
7. Mixmasterdoc & Soul Intent – ?
8. Sabre & Vicious Circle – Colombo [CRITICAL]
9. Silent Witness & Break – Rainman [COMMERCIAL SUICIDE]
10. Jonny L vs Instramental – Output 1-2 [DARKESTRAL]
11. Marcus Intalex – Century [SOUL:R]
12. Amit – Propaganda [COMMERCIAL SUICIDE]
13. NotioN – It Was Always (Hobzee Remix) [N/A]
14. K Eye and Johnny Boy – Calibration [N/A]
15. Invaderz – ?
16. Alix Perez & Lynx – Inferno [SOUL:R]
17. Icicle – Late Night [CRITICAL]
18. Cern – Salvador [N/A]
19. Generic & Lutin – Echoes [31R]
20. Calibre – Savannah Heat [SIGNATURE]
21. Icicle – Lost Hours [CRITICAL]
22. SpectraSoul – How Strange [N/A]
23. Hobzee & Zyon Base – Rain On Lens [N/A]
24. Vice Versa – Drifter [N/A]
25. Soul Intent – Cold Blooded [N/A]
26. Chris.Su & Ant TC1 – Vendetta [COMMERCIAL SUICIDE]
27. Survival – Stasis [PLAY:MUSIK]
28. Klute – Halloween [COMMERCIAL SUICIDE]
29. Vice Versa – Forte [N/A]

27 thoughts on “DJ Presha – Next Level Show 12/01/2008

  1. Sorry to take the spotlight off the Redeyes mix so soon, but this set is just kickass…
    Hands up everyone who thought the third tune was by Photek

  2. Big mix for January 2008. All the new Commercial Suicide stuff is next level.

    SpectraSoul tunes are particularly impressive and good to see a new Amit tune.

  3. amazing new tunes like everytime
    congratulation preshaaaaaaaaa!!!!!
    mohp, liquidside from liquordsolution Bx, france

  4. @soul intent: you’ve got some amazing stuff in that myspace player – big upsss

    will certainly be looking out for em

  5. @Soul Intent. That Funky Creeper track on your space page is quality! Big UP

  6. @ Soul Intent, Last message didn’t seem to post. That Funky Creeper tune on you Myspace page, How do I find it? What label? and When?

  7. thanks for the kind words peeps.

    funky creeper is going to be coming this year on Blindside (either as a 12″ or a EP).

    Randall’s signed Eletronik Angels, hopefully that’ll hit the shops this year, but its still early days with that (though promos on Bibio Dub have just come out so check it out if you haven’t already ;)

  8. hi jono, its called “the unknown”…dunno wats happening with it, no ones signed it as yet. cheers

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