Marcus Intalex feat. Ant TC1 @ RBMA // Soul:ution Radio Vol. 15 10/2009


The sound of Soul:ution Radio – It’s been quite a while … aint got no excuses.

Intalex back in the studio early morning style featuring a mix by ANT TC1, mastermind of Dispatch Records. Update: MP3 mirror added, thx to ames / kanone. Get on it. Update: “Soul:ution returns to Manchester“.

Marcus Intalex Part 1
Deepchord presents Echospace – Aequinoxium
Nether – Deep Techo
Notion – The Happening
Dub Phizix – Parquette
Digital and Outrage – Eclipse
Calibre – Steptoe
Lynx & Kemo – Keep It Low
Survival feat. Christina Nicola – Secrets
Calibre – Rose
Lenzman – Fade Away

In the mix: ANT TC1

Marcus Intalex Part 2
Hobzee & Zion Base – A Million Words
Dakosa – Motion and Emotion
Marcus Intalex – Triband feat. Spy
Mist – Fukwit
Jubei & Spy – Project 1
Dub Phizix – The Editor
SP & Dakuan – What You Sayin
Calibre – Last Kiss

40 thoughts on “Marcus Intalex feat. Ant TC1 @ RBMA // Soul:ution Radio Vol. 15 10/2009

  1. Another classic by Mr. Intalex.
    Moody and atmospheric.
    But please – is there an .mp3 file ?

  2. some quality tunes on here (Survival, Calibre’s ‘steptoe’, Nether and Digital).

    Nice work, Intalex.

  3. finally his new mix! It’s the only regular one worthwhile apart from the autonomic podcasts. Shame about presha focussing on his label so much and quitting his show

  4. I think the Aaron Jay podcasts are also worth a mention in addition to those 3.

    anyone know what the best podcast is in terms of deep ‘intelligent’ stuff?

    What amazes me is how much the quality of fabios show has dropped in the last 2-3 years. it used to be a haven of liquid, deep etc. now its like he has decided to keep everyone happy and play dnb that perhaps kids stumble upon first.

    but we have intalex, club autonomic etc now so nevermind!

  5. Anonymous, what do you mean “presha quitting his show”?? Where did you hear that?

  6. Ah nah, I was thinking about giving the shows a rest for a bit, but theres a September one up and around on DOA & the Samurai Music facebook page and there will be a new one next week…

  7. I stand corrected by the man himself! I heard it from an interview a month or two ago where he was talking about his skating and stuff with samurai. I’m off to hunt down that September mix…

  8. @ Anon you’re right about Fabio’s show, Bailey’s show has been good but all this old school is starting to get tiring now. Move forward people!

    @ Intalex – Big show, will put this where it belongs!

  9. for all u manchetser heads,
    Intalex, Goldie, Instramental, Dbridge, Indigo n synkro etc
    monday 19th Oct @ area 51, (hit n run)

    ants mix is sick!!

  10. Ant TC1 mix TL (from DOA)

    Nothing More – Spinline – Dispatch
    Palomar (Ant TC1 rmx) – Lomax – Integral
    Untitled – unknown
    Space & Time – Ant TC1 & DLR – Dispatch
    Inner Disbelief – DBridge – Exit
    Sky – Survival – Dispatch
    Focus Inwards – ASC – NonPlus+
    Untitled – unknown
    Second Thought – Kharm – Dispatch Digital
    Millennium – Optical – Virus
    Ur a Sta – Black Pocket ft Spacek (Autonomic Edit)

  11. …not really but lovin the third track from the ant tc mix. and…..this is unknown! what a shame. )-:

  12. That Kharm track is a standout from the mix. ASC’s Focus Inward is another. Staggering melodies!

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