Felix K – Mix for Breaksblog Vol.3 10/2009

Felix K. (Hidden Hawaii)© Lena Freitag

info: myspace.com/hiddenhawaii, myspace.com/flxk1

The third installment. Felix K. (Hidden Hawaii) with another journey through sound. Detroity and deep … Watch out for the limited “QNS Series” on Vinyl due soon. Also peep the just launched “Volume One” MP3 compilation available at digital-tunes.net and all the major download stores.

16 thoughts on “Felix K – Mix for Breaksblog Vol.3 10/2009

  1. Honestly…it’s kinda boring. It’s ALL minimal.
    The tracks are mixed nicely. Maybe I just don’t get it.

  2. So inspiring. never heard those vibes before and I am listening to dnb for ages. Big Up Felix. Big Up.

  3. @ Alex. you´re using “minimal” in a wrong way. The word is occupied in the electronic music scene by r. hawtin and others. You dont know other electronic music than dnb haha.

  4. lush set especially the tune at min 45!!!

    @ Alex: I don’t want to offend you but your last statement seems to be true.

  5. @ dotcrasher – Obviously you don’t know much about d&b. It is currently fashionable in drum&bass to refer to a lot of the music being made by Instra:mental, dBridge, Sabre, June Miller, Data, Alix Perez, and many others as ‘minimal.’
    The term is not owned solely by any one scene — techno, d&b, house, or what have you. When you refer to Richie Hawtin, the correct, full term would be ‘minimal techno,’ not simply ‘minimal.’
    However, as this is predominately a d&b blog, there is no need to say ‘minimal d&b’ — the ‘d&b’ part is understood (particularly when discussing a specific set, as Alex was).

    And I might have to agree with Alex. A strictly minimal ;) set can be quite boring. But as I haven’t yet listened to it, I might have to reconsider my opinion once I do.

  6. @ subfugitive – thank you for the statement. But why do dnb people use the term minimal for music that is not mnimal at all? Minimal has a rich tradition in art since early days. how can people compare instra:mental or Alix Perez with “minimal”. Just because they use synths? or a slower beat? or no wobble? or no drumfunk? I recon some photek tunes from 1997 and some boymerang tunes and some dbridge tunes and some nasty habits etc. they reduced their production more than nowadays and nobody called it “Minimal”. So maybe the term “minimal” is fashionable?

  7. Yup. As I said, it is a fashionable term.
    You’re right, though. The style itself has been around for many years, but I think it’s surge in popularity has resulted in the ‘need’ for a term.

    It’s all relative anyway. I think it is just a way for people to separate the type of music being made from other, more testosterone-centric(?) styles of d&b (i.e,, jump up of the wobble variety — not dissing, just saying).

  8. Yeah, this one is good. Listened to first half last night, will catch the rest later today.

  9. nice mix! thats some serious minimal d&b right there ;)
    and btw i dont say minimal to that kind of drum & bass cause its fashionable or anything for me it just the word that describes it best in comparison to the “normal” drum & bass. i think we can all agree that this more minimal than normal drum & bass.

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