Liquid Passion Podcast #12 – Henree & Kemo MC 06/2007

Liquid Passion Podcast Dj Henree Kemo MC

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The Liquid Passion Crew is …

proud to present this special podcast edition mixed by Henree (Soul:R, Soundtrax, Vibez) with vocal support from Kemo MC (Soul:R, Combination Records, Evocators).

Henree is back with another hot mix featuring the highly appreciated vocal talents of Kemo Mc. Next Level Drum and Bass!

01. looking away – Icicle & Switch (Osiris)
02. moving – Calibre feat. DRS (Signature)
03. room 237 – Lenzman & Jubei (dub)
04. whistle stop – Lynx (Brand:Nu)
05. borderline -Amaning (Sudden Def)
06. kingpin (Concept & Shnek Remix) – Total Science (CIA)
07. hypothesis – Lynx & Henree (dub)
08. distance zero – Lynx (dub)
09. big mouth – Chris Inperspective (Inperspective)
10. blockbuster – Ste. Luce (dub)
11. rush hour – Henree & Jonathan Baker (Soul:R)
12. innocent x – Lomax (Critical)
13. ceramic – Spectrasoul (Soundtrax)
14. beware of oscar’s lair – Lynx (31 Records)
15. dancehall twist – Ste. Luce (dub)
16. the phleebass consideration – L.I.S. (Play:Musik)
17. orange moon – Alpha Omega (Santorin)
18. strange behaviour – Icicle & Switch (Osiris)
19. smack VIP – Amaning & Dubwise (Soul:R)
20. amfibian – Jonathan Baker (dub)

53 thoughts on “Liquid Passion Podcast #12 – Henree & Kemo MC 06/2007

  1. Hypothesis… very good tune! Serious bass, funky synths and washes and a little atmosphere in there as well. Well done 8)

  2. Henree has some nice tunes, not much released yet though. What’s the deal?

    Kemo can hold a mic better than most MC.

  3. Indeed, happy to see “Can’t Resist It” finally getting a release. “Rush Hour” is a nice one too. I predict big things :D

  4. the henree mix from a few months back is one of the finest blended liquid-style sets I’ve heard in a LONG time… 90% of the liquid mixes posted up here usually have stellar NEW tunes but the mixing and composition is usually very spotty in places (i blame people mixing on their PCs)

    henree has SKILLS on the decks — not to mention is a shithot producer!

    i cant wait to bump this mix!

  5. don’t want to start a flame or something, but how come mostly liquid mixes get posted here nowdays? what about neuro/tech stuff? each his own, but some diversty wouldnt hurt anyone…

  6. @Never. I would hardly call this a liquid mix. It is just good music blended good and proper. Big up Henree & Kemo…….

  7. After about 10 or so plays the only thing i can say is: this is 100% PURE QUALITY. Fantastic job Henree, this is my pick for the summer.

  8. Excellent selection and dope skills on the buttons, the raw deal on the mic, make for a stellar mix!

  9. THIS is what a good dnb mix is all about. simply love this. kemo’s laid back faded style simply hits the spot. tasteful !

  10. Hi all.

    breaksblog! Has anyone recorded rider’s show with Bukem of 9th June? Please post it.

    peace :)

  11. This set is moving standards, every song is on the right place, also Ste. Luce tunes are greath, and Amfibian is killing it on the end…waiting for releases
    Big up both Henree & Kemo ;)

  12. yes, yes. Nice one.
    Agree with rollo @ never…just great all around DnB. Tunes here are very diverse, not just a liquid mix here. Quality.

  13. Lomax isn’t from this planet. He must be from Jupiter or something, and has his production rig set up on one of the moons… it’s the only way he can make those sick hovering tunes!

  14. lynx – distance zero is rollin’! i really hope that sees a release in the future.

  15. had to bring down the mirror link on almost reached bandwidth limit for june. will be available again from beginning of july.

  16. Wicked set! About time i hear some proper tunage. Big up to the Henree man himself

  17. Amazing tunes… so fucken happy on the way to work this morning on the tube!!

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