Sol.ID @ GFM UK – 08/06/2007


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Sol.ID is definitely staying busy in 2007, both in the studio with forthcoming remixes & collabs with Kubiks & Lomax, Amaning, Stunna, Zyon Base, Saburuko, Pentagon & Ethix, Hydro, and Cybass not to mention a healthy touring schedule in the near future…

Intro – Cliff Martinez – Wear Your Seatbelt
Lynx ft. Kemo – Global Enemies – Soul:R
Zyon Base – Rashomon – Celsius Dub
Naibu – Spiritual – Dub
Theory – Pictures, Shapes & Patterns – Dub
Doc – Dreams – Dub
Saburuko – London – Future Thinkin
Lenzman & Switch – Cashmere – Dub
The Fix & Generic – La Belle Dub – Shift Dub
Logistics – Now More Than Ever – Hospital
Icicle & Switch – Ur In My Head – Fokuz
Naibu – Generic Generation – Avalanche Dub
Cybass & Peixe Kru – True Love – Keynote
Sol.ID & Zyon Base – World of Emptiness – Dub
Random Movement & Focus – Shattered Dreams – Innerground Dub
Atlantic Connection – True Love – Prestige Dub

33 thoughts on “Sol.ID @ GFM UK – 08/06/2007

  1. Nice1. Big ups Dave!

    That World of Emptiness is sofa king hot. Don’t mess with Texas!

  2. when one goes through over 80 tunes for a short radio mix, it’s hard to say no to so many quality bits.. all about what works right then! i just wanna say bigups to the whole crew, producers you have my support and listeners, ez!

    as for the haters, you can bring the pennies to the club… you’ll need them for a beer ;)

  3. No need for such devices… of course the jingles and some simple post-mastering were handled inside the box. As for the rest, cdj bizness with NO jogwheels (I own Stanton S250s).

    Patience & planning my dears, pass it on ;P

  4. Nice to know,

    Loving this mix, it’s been kept on while im in transit around the city.

    No jogwheel either!

    good work my friend


  5. short but sweet mix… loving that theory – pictures, shapes track…. big up theory!!!

    also random movement – shattered dreams… interesting to hear the original, fabio dropped the VIP of this a couple weeks back…. the VIP mix is ALOT better than the original!!!!!!

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