Kemistry & Storm feat. MC Flux @ One In The Jungle BBC Radio1 1996

Kemistry & Storm


History Flash. First Platform for Jungle / Drum and Bass on Radio 1, this is “One In The Jungle” with Kemistry (R.i.P.) and Storm feat. MC Flux, hosted by MC Navigator back in 1996.

[00:19] Jaz Klash – Intrigue (Down For Whatever) [More Rockers]
[03:41] Ultra Flava – Stand Bold [24 Karat]
[06:16] Kumo – No Need (Alpha Proxima remix) [Autoi]
[09:10] Krust – Jazz Note [V]

**Top Ten Countdown**

10/ Seba & Lotek – Sonic Winds/So Long [Looking Good]
[13:12] 09/ Peter Nice Trio – Flight Of The Vulture/The Last Supper [Hospital] *Played: Flight Of The Vulture
[14:55] 08/ Capone – Mysteries of the Deep/Guess Who? [Hardleaders] *Played: Mysteries Of The Deep
07/ MA3 – Those DJ’s [Formation]
06/ Alex Reece – Candles (Mixes) [4th & Broadway]
05/ Ed Rush – Kilamanjaro/Subway [Prototype]
[18:30] 04/ 45 Roller – I Keeps it Real/Killa Bee [Ebony] *Played: Killa Bee
03/ Andy C & Shimon – Quest/Night Flight [Ram]
02/ Roni Size – Brut Force/Secrets [Full Cycle]
[22:04] 01/ Origin Unknown – Valley Of The Shadows (Alive ‘96 Remix/Original) [Ram] *Played: Alive ’96 Remix

[25:52] TC Islam & Alien 3 – Let The Bass Boom [S.O.U.R.]

**Hot Mix:

[30:02] Lemon D – 12.01 [Valve]
[34:24] Oblivion – Last Dance [Street beats]
[37:56] G.Squad – Coppershot [Mix’n’Blen’]
[42:13] The Sentinel – Dig Deeper [Basement]
[46:06] Ed Eush – Skylab [Metalheadz]
[48:20] Dillinja – Vicious [Test]
[52:13] Doc Scott – The Unofficial Ghost [Metalheadz]
[58:53] Goldie – Kemistry (Grooverider V.I.P. Remix) [Razors Edge]
[01:02:58] Dillinja – Promise [Metalheadz]
[01:07:21] Arcon 2 – Skyland [Reinforced]
[01:10:01] Space Link – Timezone (Remix) [Reinforced]
[01:13:59] Mystic Moods – Horn Fusion (Concept 2) [Mystic Moods]
[01:17:20] Goldie – Chico: Death Of A Rockstar [F.F.R.R.]
[01:19:57] Dillinja – Armoured D [Metalheadz]
[01:23:07] Adam F – Metropolis [Metalheadz]
[01:24:35] Babylon Zoo – The Boy With The X-Ray Eyes (Goldie & Rob Playford Armageddon Babylon Mix) [EMI]

**Hot Mix Ends**

[01:28:30] Elementz Of Noize – Other Side Of Town [S.O.U.R.]
[01:31:18] Ken Ishii – Stretch (Shogun Remix) [R&S]
[01:35:29] Ascend & Ultravibe – Here It Comes [Back 2 Basics]
[01:38:04] T.I.C. – Volume 8 B [Promo Recordings]
[01:42:46] Intensity – Generations [Basement]

**UK club guide**

[01:48:02] Running Man – Light Years [Flex]
[01:52:13] David Morales & The Bad Yard Club Ft. Crystal Waters – In The Ghetto (1996 Project 1 Jungle Mix) [Manifesto/Phonogram GmbH]
[01:56:05] Hot Steppers – Vol.4 A [Hot Steppers]
[01:56:54] Cool Hand Flex – Cling Tone [De Underground]

43 thoughts on “Kemistry & Storm feat. MC Flux @ One In The Jungle BBC Radio1 1996

  1. Wow fair play thanks for the history lesson. One in the jungle was always classic and fairly brave at the time I guess for Radio 1 to jump head long into a niche genre. Shame they had to shit all over the people that got that show really going though.

    Downloading now.

  2. fiiiinallllllllyyyyy. Was awaiting this, big up! Really esssential one. Big up to the most respected duo in dnb history.

  3. Ah time for a trip to Discogs :) all good, cheers for this, saw Storm on friday night, she ripped it now as she did back then with Kemistry.

  4. Man, Kemistry and Storm changed my life back in 97 when I first heard a mix from them (from 96). I had this Storm mix on continuous replay. Glad to hear this one. Thanks man.

  5. Kemistry died by a car accident.. Saw her together with Storm some weeks before that in Hamburg.. Wow!

  6. can anyone put up other one in the jungle shows?

    would be much appreciated………

  7. One of my favorite commercial mix CD’s is Kemistry + Storm’s DJ Kicks:
    …it strikes the fine line between being groovy as hell and interesting to listen to at home.

    Storm still brings it sans Kemistry but they definitely seemed to have this kinetic teamwork.

  8. jesus

    its amazing to think of the era when these classic tunes we being played just like anything else

  9. brilliant hookup. I saw Kemistry and Storm spin weeks before Kemi’s death, so i’m always on the lookout for sets featuring both of them (their set that night was one of the best i’ve ever heard).

  10. “… can it be that is was all so simple then??”

    Amazing how easily “liquid” and “dark” tunes fitted together back in the day!! LOVE THE MIX!!

  11. yeah I agree with Decon. There was so much diversity in the selection and sets were really mysterious in that era. Club nights like Speed & Headz at the Blue Note must have been incredible and exciting.

    It is also nice to see metalheadz are back with there distinct sound as majority of the releases in the last 5 years werent really upto to par!!

  12. Ya know, I think the track list is epic but after listening to the mix all the talking just about ruins it!! The MC is talking about crap while BOMBS are being dropped. It makes it difficult to get into the music and ultimately reminds me of debate about MCs and mixing.

    How there was a time when MCs would jibber jabber over wikkid mixes and totally ruin beautiful sets!! This is a prime example of how an MC can ruin a timeless mix. I’m glad nowadays the MC scene has taken a little more of a backseat (except for the rare few MCs that know how to accentuate a mix) to the DJ scene and the actual reason we’re listening, to hear the music.

  13. R.I.P (kemistry)…..woke up this mornin checked my mobiles RSS reader and wot a day.,. Tha 2hour show has just finished downloadin…. Thanx 2 tha head tha posted this show .. F1

  14. uripeds, i think the total opposite, this is a radio show and it realy shines thru how exiting the scene was back in 96,with the new vibe and feeling to the music. its realy funny to hear some of tha phrases that they use there and sounds that the host is doing, are sounds that for example dj flight always do in here show, 11 years later. :)

    truly timless show

  15. Simply amazing. And as others have said – timeless. I don’t think there is any other way to describe it.

    Classic old school deep dnb vibes. It doesn’t get any better than this.

    RIP Kemistry. Wish you were still around :(

  16. i think this is the mp3 that I loaded up on ‘doa’ a few months back.
    good to it on here.


  17. man this one iz wikyd!! I rlly like those old skool soundz.. Im kind of new in this kind o music but, never had a chance to get into it before the 2000.. Its just about that my country fukin sucked in ’96, nobody knew the meaning of word “jungle” those days in Slovakia xD, maybe I was into other things also..
    Thanx 4 this mix, its like a history lesson 4 me.. ||booyaka||

  18. Uripides mate u talking bubbles… First of all, this is “one in the jungle” . Sort of a birth place to our scene, and all of those involved in it, are deserving the respect that they are in titled to. You better big up the man behind the mic, cause you would be able to get to this music without people that were involved and give the shit about it those days. And if you dont like the way he does the show, switch it on to some newbie “know it all” and enjoy the emptiness of the scene now days.

  19. She was a true Jungle Sista! A well discipline Junglist DJ of her time. DAMM!! *shakes head* she was fine ass hell (very attractive) with her blonde dreads. Oh curse it be to the fu.cking world!!!

    “Why does the good ones have to die?!”

    Who ever smashed there car into the vehicle she was in SHOULD BE LYNCHED!!!! :|

  20. There should be like a slogan like…..”DEEJAYS AGAINST DRUNK DRIVING!!!”something of that nature! *shurgs* o_O

  21. oh that actually wasnt funny. it was actually a complete random accident involving a loose cats eye, one of those things that lights up the middle of the motorway n such.

    ta for this guys, always missed etc etc….

  22. Thank you soooo much for this set! :)
    Kemistry & Storm are absolutely legends and a quick moment of silence for the great Kemistry.
    enjoy the day! peace

  23. try the seond link named “mirror” it will take you to megaupload

  24. thanks !
    megaupload works.
    tried also the links given obove by “cream” –
    more shows from this time, but think kemistry&storm is best

  25. Anyone know of any more mixes to download which are along the same lines as this? I used to listen to a lot of One In The Jungle around that time when I was a kid (was about 7yrs old at the time) and can remember finding the whole vibe so exciting but obviously being way too young to go near a club it was frustrating… Absolutely love this mix and thank you to whoever uploaded it :) … played on a good system it totally fills my brain!

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