Martyn – Live At Future Breaks FM 05/05/2007


host & info:

Mighty producer and DJ Martyn (Soul:r, Bassbin) from Rotterdam guesting at Future Breaks FM for a special Dubstep/Techno mix.

1- burial – wounded [hyperdub]
2- martyn – jw on a good night [unreleased]
3- massive music – find my way kode9 remix [hyperdub]
4- martyn – shadowcasting [revolver]
5- appleblim – gold & silver [skull disco]
6- toasty – splash [destructive]
7- hijak – babylon timewarp [deep medi]
8- rhythm & sound – distance [rhythm & sound]
9- atjazz – for real [innervisions]
10- common factor – get down [playhouse]
11- cobblestone jazz – india in me mix 1 [wagon repair]
12- ricardo villalobos – dummolator [perlon]
13- ripperton – tainted words plasmik remix [connaisseur]
14- abe duque – i am your man [abe duque records]
15- agnes – hi-murda [perspectiv records]
16- kenneth graham – love dialed in [visage recordings]
17- lazy fat people – pixelgirl c2 remix [?]
18- minilogue – ahck jichael mackson remix [WIR]
19- shackleton – blood on my hands villalobos’ apocalypso now mix [skull disco]
20- mala – left leg out [dmz]

29 thoughts on “Martyn – Live At Future Breaks FM 05/05/2007

  1. Im probably not going to get a good response from this but im just not feeling this dubstep stuff. I appreciate most music but i just cant get my head round dubstep, what is it! It just does not seem to go anywhere and the beats are weak. Its one redeeming feature in my opinion is its basslines but i still dont think this is enough to give the music longevity.

    On the other side, the techno in the mix is brilliant.

  2. well dnb is here to stay just like grime, 2step or dubstep … each one just one a different level of popularity :]

  3. @ John:
    I used to hold a similar opinion about dub, used to find it too edgy to listen to at home, and too slow when I was out. However, I can honestly say that it’s the music that’s exciting me most at the moment, after giving it more of a chance. There’s such a diversity in the music being produced under the tag ‘dubstep’ (as with any other) that I know if you heard some of the stuff out there it would blow you away… I think in the last year or so it’s got so much stronger; longevity won’t be an issue I don’t think!

  4. I too dont understand this whole dubstep ‘phenomenon’ at all.. Ive listened to loads of LPs and been to nights in Bristol.. but its soooo Dull.. its like a stoner has taken Drum & Bass and slowed it down to a snails pace and removed anything remotely interesting from it. You cant dance to it.. and without weed its the most boring music on the planet to listen to at home. Its baffling..

  5. “dubstep is slowed down dnb”, “dubstep is boring”, “you can’t dance to dubstep”.. *yawn* have you ever seen skream live ? you cant stand still when he’s on the decks

  6. its does feel a bit like remains of dnb and garage swept into a cul-de-sac and given big basslines as there nothing else to it..

    what i do think is a bit stupid is when dubstep fans bang on that dnb is too formulated as is house etc etc.. and dub step has no boundries… ok well obviously its not as set in a beat signiture structure, granted.. but whats the point in switching the tempo around here and there when the general tone or ‘vibe’ of every tune is same stoned out whas the point of it all vibe,

    with dnb ok we’ve settled into the 170 tempo but you can take any single other type of music in the wotrld, jazz, reagge, dub, house, soul, techno, etc etc and create a dnb tune with that sound, so in that respect it isn’t formulated

    all of that said i like some of, if it tries somthing new i like it, if its just moody slow bass for the sake of it its boring

  7. Good to see artists show a bit of diversity and depth in their musical tastes/selections. Bigups Martyn

  8. @ Strafe. You’re not feeling it so it goes without saying that you’re not gonna dance to it. I think it’s a bit of a misconception that coz there’s a lot of space between the beats etc that it’s not compatible in a club environment, wrong. It’s subjective, like every other genre. I’ve seen Dubstep smack it in a club. It is good to see some serious diversity in this mix

  9. I can’t say I love all dubstep, but since dub and reggae were the first music I fully explored, I fully respect tracks that stay as close to the true dub and future dub sounds.

    There’s a track in there that really sounds a lot like Stevie Vibronics’ Dub Italizer ( style.

    Also, if you think dub can’t move people on a dancefloor, you are seriously mistaken.

    Artists like King Tubby, Augustus Pablo, Sly & Robbie, Lee Perry, Mad Professor, Techniques in Dub, all make people move, stoned or not.

  10. Also remember that dub being channeled through your PC speakers is nothing compared to hearing it on a big Jamaican sound system :D

  11. Hello

    I can’t be bothered with anything these days, but shrug. I just don’t have anything to say recently.


  12. If your not feeling dubstep then your head is up your arse, get out to a club and hear it and you’ll feel differently. Just remember how many people slated DNB when it first arrived, this genre is finding its feet and releasing some baning tunes while doing so. These are exciting times that you’ll all be falsely claiming you were part of in ten years time.

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  14. Everytime me hear dis sound me get shivers. Thunderbases intertwined with an enormous scale of the mighty drum riddims and different tastes- possibilities know no bounds. Dubstep has it all what u can name the good music, somethin what gives u the experience of explorin different, non from this earth frequencies and blissing sounds. Once u r addicted to that, u cant sit still because of the thought that maybe there’s somewhere on the web a new banga track or set made by the big names or someone who no one knew before, dubstep is the music of us all where freestyle is allowed, the music made of our feelings. This is enough proof why it’s great.

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