June Miller – Connex Sessions Volume 3 05/2009

June Miller

info: connexdnb.nl, myspace.com/junemillerdnb

As part of the promotion for the upcoming Connex events the guys behind Connex decided to lay down some mixes for all you eager listeners out there. Last up is duo June Miller. Check the mix and let us know what you think! For more info on June Miller can be found here myspace!

Connex #2 will be held the 8th of Mayin Club Poema, Utrecht, NL, featuring Noisia, 2562, Fre4knc B2B Trap, Chillum & Residents. For more info click here. See you there!

The next installment on the “Connex Sessions” Series. June Miller are back with a new mix taking it as deep and futuristic as it gets. The Experimental Mix was a landmark mix in newschool drum and bass for me and im sure this one wont dissapoint.

01. Resound – Secrets (Sabre Remix) [Translations]
02. Data & K2 – Kyushojutsu [Creative Source]
03. Dan Habarnam – Rendering the Garlic Boy [X-tinction Agenda]
04. Loxy – Gabrial Gray [X-tinction Agenda]
05. ASC – The Narrows [dub]
06. Subterra – Bonsai Run [dub]
[07. All – Sag Alles Ab]
08. Shackleton – Shortwave [Skull Disco]
09. June Miller & Chillum – Frost [Broken Audio]
10. Proxima & Piro – Global Annihilation [dub]
11. June Miller – Brussel North [dub]
12. Martyn – J.W. On A Good Night [SOUL:R]
13. Breakage – Rain [Digital Soundboy]
14. Data – Leaves [dub]
15. Mayhem – Split Second (Scuba Remix) [Subway]
16. June Miller & Chillum – Humidity [dub]
[17. Ulf Lohmann – Kristall]
18. June Miller & Syntex – Sleep [dub]
19. Sunchase – Moulded [dub]
20. Photek – Knightvision [Science]
21. Sabre – Boundary pt.1 [Darkestral]
22. June Miller – Poison The Well [Cylon]
23. Instra:mental – Photography [Darkestral]

19 thoughts on “June Miller – Connex Sessions Volume 3 05/2009

  1. This is by far one of the deepest, futuristic, experimental d&b-mix i know.
    I dont know if we can can call it dnb at all. It’s beyond dnb…
    Simply great electronic music.

  2. @leif it’s definitely resound – secrets (sabre rmx)
    @krq you are correct sir :-)

    … forthcoming on 12″ very very soon on translation recordings :-)

  3. omg the blending from
    12. Martyn – J.W. On A Good Night [SOUL:R] to
    13. Breakage – Rain [Digital Soundboy]
    is so mighty and somehow depressive. holy shit!

    big up guys. cant wait til ‘poisen the well’ comes out :D

  4. Awesome mix!

    Reminds me of D:Bridges & Instra:Mental’s Autonomic Podcast, same warm and deep sound from the outer rims of our galaxy..

    This new energy in both Dubstep and DnB makes me really happy!

  5. 23. Instra:mental – Photography [Darkestral]

    Perfect way to end the mix. I was having a bad day yesterday and after listening to this song, I was feeling pure bliss.

    Big, big up for this mix.

  6. @re-fuse
    thats a great example of a perfect key match a great blend there! also loving the track -June Miller – Brussel North [dub]- nice!

  7. Track dropping at 22.30 oh yeah… that is naughty

    Top class deep tune selection

  8. Everyones sounding like Data & InstraLMental atm.

    Although this mix is cool

  9. excited about this one

    i could listen to the “Yann Tiersen – Coma (June Miller remake)” off the last mix on repeat for hours and never get bored

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