Doc Scott feat. MC Justyce @ Blue Note – 20/01/1997



Chris @ Metalheadz posted this set over at DOA wondering where drum and bass has gone wrong. In said thread there are some good points on the changes that happened to the music. Too much focus on getting the loudest pressing, most tearing midrange and a miseducated crowd that will only respond to obvious rave signals are the main issues in my opinion. Old story and there is surely enough talented people and dope beats out there so please go buy the music and enjoy this nice little set straight from the Blue Note Club, London back in 1997.

Oh and Chris also dopped this info:

This is one of many…I got 10 + sets so far out of the 500 from blue note, hanover grand, dingwalls, heaven etc…

… looks like there is loads more to come!

Bush – Swallowed (Goldie Rmx)
Doc Scott set:
Die – Special Treat
Ed Rush & Nico – Torque
13min – ???
Matrix – Fluid Motion
Roni Size – The Calling Goldie Rmx
Future Forces – Constant
Dj Krust – Soul in motion
Goldie – Kemistry (Grooverider Rmx)
Shimon & Andy C – Genetix
46min – 55mins ???
firefox and survivor – who is it
Future Forces – Imprint
1:07h – ???
(Whats the difference sample)
Recoil – The bridge
Dom & Roland – You´re something else
Dillinja – Silverblade
Nasty Habits – Shadowboxing
Goldie vs. KRS – Digital (different version ?)

25 thoughts on “Doc Scott feat. MC Justyce @ Blue Note – 20/01/1997

  1. yes yes bring on the blue note sessions…rider, randall, kemi & storm and more from the doc ;)

  2. saw doc scott with justice ( or possibly levi?long time ago now haha)in melbourne on new years 2000,,he did one of the most tearing sets ive ever expierienced 4-6 hours straight emotional rollercoaster ride , he covered the whole spectrum and did it properly,,one of the highlights of my raving days thats for certain ;)

  3. I was listening to a Goldie radio interview about a month ago and he said that all the Blue Note sets will be going up for download on the Metalheadz website….so watch this space

  4. Come to Nurtured Beatz people 22nd August – I am playing down there along with a wicked selection of DJs, – you wanna know what’s happened to DNB –

    The musical element has disappeared, not even just that, experimental is fun but, ah i cant even explain just come to nurtured beatz.

  5. that’s how i like my history lessons!
    is there a kemi & storm mix ft. mighty fats on vocals??

  6. [Comment ID #428943]

    lol someday never?

    Used to brock out to Justice and Dj Lee, Grooverider and Doc Scott back in 96/97 at the brunell rooms in swindon….closest i ever got to Blue Note….so hard to find mixes tho!!!

    Bring em on…….a definitive point in time for the DnB scene

  7. Goldie vs. KRS – Digital (different version ?)

    Could this be the Boymerang Mix?
    I couldn’t tell you as I’ve not heard it before, but I’m willing to make a wager…

    Wicked mix, tho. Doc Scott is the original jungle don.

  8. nah that isn’t the boymerang mix… the boymerang version has the same break as dillinja silver blade…. banging track though whoever did it

  9. metalheadz site is up now. yeah I heard before that every blue note session was recorded, so hopefuly they’ll go up on the site in a few weeks time.

  10. “miseducated crowd that will only respond to obvious rave signals are the main issues in my opinion”

    That has to be one of the more elitist, just downright silly things I’ve ever read. Miseducated? If only they’d gone to your school, right?

    I have 10 years of post-secondary education, but love me some good jump-up. Where, oh where, did my miseducation occur?! If only YOU had been my life instructor. LOL>

  11. [Comment ID #436409]
    its not about what school you went but what music was brought to you … nothing in the text was aimed at what school you went to. wtf seriously

  12. dnb had a shitty attitude – so it died.
    too many asshole rude bwoys there just to act like dickheads because they thought that was a reflection of “da street life dat raise’dem”. as if.
    anyone remember the ones pushing everyone else out the way just to start shit? wearing HH jackets designed for -50degrees in a 35degree basement?
    too many drug dealers and not enough drug users +unfriendly clubs + unfriendly crowd = crap party.
    also there was the London effect – where people are overly obsessed with style rather than substance, ignoring the fact that most of the tunes were shit. yes, they were brand new – with the newest sounds/beats/production/whatever. but still shit. talk about not knowing your ass from your elbow. stupid kids – “im so cool cause i listen to jungle”. especially Blue Note/Bar Rhumba/etc. SO overated – they were two of the biggest musical dissapointments of my life.
    to be honest im glad, it developed bass sounds/lines but the crowd sucked. still bought about 800 singles + 100 albums though if someone wants to argue this.

  13. lol talk about flame

    Just listened to this on a 1 hour car journey and this is the shiz, sounds like to me a few people on here had a few bad experiences and they made there on mind up about the genre from then on, its not good to be so sterotypical maybe they have not listened to it for time or simply forgot the good times if they ever had any that is…..this mix is timeless, just typical that out of all the tunes on there that id want ( coz i have he rest ) its the one that no one knows the name of!, the one before Recoil is quality.

  14. 13 min = Keen – The Battle Frontier (orig) – Formation unreleased
    46 min = Swift – Load – True Playaz TPR12005
    1:08 h = Optical – What’s The Difference? – unreleased

  15. [Comment ID #432718]
    (and for Subfugitive oe anyone else)
    Goldie feat KRS ONE – Digital V.I.P Mix

    I used to listen to this when I was at college thinking I was a break-boy!…

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