Alix Perez – Shogun Audio Show @ PyroRadio 29/01/2009

Alix Perez Street


Last Thursdays Shogun Audio Show on Pyro Radio with Alix Perez.

Sabre – Decorum
Rockwell – Tribes
Noisia – Last Look
Blacks & Escher – Heart Shaped
Commix – Japanese electronics
Data – Renaissance
Unknown –
Unknown –
Spectrasoul – Alibi (Break remix)
Calibre – 2 drop
Andy Scopes – Yea You Down
Noisia – Elsewhere Now
Untitled –
Alix Perez – I’m Free
ASC – After Hours
Rockwell – Slow Away
2nd hour
Instra:mental – Hunter
FD & Keza – Cougars
Spectrasoul – Buried
System – El Sunrise
Instra:mental – Thugtronik
Blacks & Escher –
Bal – All City
Instra:mental – No Future
System – The Voices
Sabre / Noisia & Icicle – Quarters
Break – After Shower
Alix Perez – Melanie
Cern & Jubei – Untitled
D-Bridge – Wonder Where

48 thoughts on “Alix Perez – Shogun Audio Show @ PyroRadio 29/01/2009

  1. 01. Sabre – Decorum – Darkestral
    02. Rockwell – Tribes – ?
    03. Noisia – Last Look – Metalheadz
    04. Blocks & Escher – Heart Shaped – ?
    05. Commix – Japanese Electronics (Instra:mental Remix) – Metalheadz
    06. Data – Reconaissance – Metalheadz
    07. Electrosoul System – ? – ?
    08. ? – ? – ?
    09. SpectraSoul – Alibi (Break Remix) – Critical
    10. Calibre – Two Drop – C.I.A.
    11. Andy Scopes – Yeah You Know – ?
    12. Noisia – Elsewhere Now – Fokuz
    13. ? – ? – ?
    14. Alix Perez – I’m Free – Shogun Audio
    15. ASC – After Hours – ?
    16. Rockwell – Stowaway – ?
    17. Instra:mental – Hunter – Soul:R
    18. FD & K.E.S.A – Cougars – ?
    19. SpectraSoul – Buried – 31
    20. System – El Sunrise – ?
    21. Instra:mental – Thugtronika – Exit
    22. Blocks & Escher – Shadowplay – ?
    22. ? – ? – ?
    23. Bal – All City – Brand Nu
    25. Instra:mental – No Future – NonPlus+
    26. System – The Voices – ?
    27. Noisia, Icicle & Sabre – Quarters – ?
    28. Break – After Shower – Shogun Audio
    29. Alix Perez – Melanie – Shogun Audio
    30. Cern & Jubei – ? – ?
    31. D-Bridge – Wonder Where – NonPlus+

  2. Instra:mental – No Future . . . i love this tune but this is the 4th set i have heard it in the last week or so…commix, presha, perez and mosus.

    Yes we are blessed to get free sets to dl… but at the same time when a tune is released you bag it, get home and put it on the shelf… (and dont even want to play it for about about 12 months).

  3. @rollo

    I have a rinseout session every time I get new tunes. It wouldn’t be fair to the vinyl if that weren’t the case :)

  4. I really like this selection.

    It’s dnb heading in the right direction: progressing and trying new drum patterns etc. that explore what is possible at 170bpm.

    Mixing it up helps the groove sound deeper and the more breaky pieces sound more broken.

    Good stuff

  5. yea mate i know!!!!

    Instra:mental D-bridge and Commix all hit the 170 and 172 is good aswell.

  6. well i do my beats at 172. its the same as 170 really but if you go anymore you can not get the same melody’s as you can with those bpm’s. well thats what i find any way. they just don’t sound right. for example in this mix the japanease electronic rework has to be sped up to fit in the mix it just doesnt sound as capturing as when its payed in a 170 selection.

    but i meant 172 is good as its sounds like a 170 bpm tune.

  7. I love the moody, dark and glitchy vibes but where’s the soul? Some of the tunes are so deep I just lose interest, there’s nothing to hook onto. It’s so industrial, it’s not hard but it’s gritty as fuck.
    Alex’s tune ‘Melanie’ at the end is the standout for me, soulful vibes.

    Maybe all this music is around at the moment cos it’s winter in Europe? It’s summer over here, where’s the summertime shit at???

  8. I’m gonna give this set a try, but I won’t be expecting anything amazing….like the guy above says, a lot of what Alix plays a bit too deep and minimal. I saw him the play the most boring set ever at Swerve, but also seen him do a pretty dope set at Fabric one time, so maybe hit n miss. Same goes for D-bridge. But each to their own i guess cause some ppl really dig this.

    As for the bpm, it really doesn’t matter what the speed is as long as it’s between 168-174. Anything above that is a bit too fast. All about letting the music breathe!

  9. HHMMM

    Yeah i think i woke up after the first hour or so?………..pretty boring non-inspiring stuff that’s toooo minimal for me, doesn’t make ya wanna get-up-and-go like the DnB i know and love.

    Odd as Alix normally rocks it

  10. rockwell ‘tribes’ and ‘melanie’ for me, that’s about it.. deff prefer his more soulful stuff.. not bad for hearing something a bit different though all the same.

    concur with what Altruist & Cun7us said — sounds a bit ’empty’

  11. 2 rollo: man, grab your vinyl from the shelf and come here to Kazan, Russia. We like singing familiar tunes on the dancefloor, so i bet that`ll inspire you!
    Or, may be, don`t come, `cos we have awful voices ;-)

  12. I love minimal dnb but it must progress otherwise it gets a bit too spaced out and smoked out, great for the chin-strokers but not exactly the best mix when it’s too out there.

    dnb, yes, it can get creative and left field but don’t forget this IS dance music.

  13. i love the minimal vibe that’s going around but it’s defo not dance floor gear. It’s perfect for headphones and working on something at home.

    Great set

  14. Calibre – Two Drop, what a fine stepper, this one would get the club bouncing in less than 5 seconds…

  15. theres something mystical about 170! ive always wrote at this tempo, dont sound quite right at any other pace:)

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