Aaron Jay (Swerve / Groove Connection) – Mix for Breaksblog 03/2007

Aaron Jay

host: dnbshare.com | info: myspace.com/djaaronjay, myspace.com/swerveuk, grooveconnection.co.uk

Formally known as Switch, Aaron Jay started off DJing in 1997. Taking inspiration from artists such as; Calibre, DJ Shadow, Carl Craig, Fabio, Miles Davis and early rare groove and soul. His early years were spent going to raves in London and attending Goldie’s legendary Metalheadz night at the Blue Note.

Swerve Resident Aaron Jay in the Dubplate Mix for Breaksblog. Nuff said.

01. Lomax – Brain Freeze
02. Lenzman & Icicle – Untitled
03. Zero Tolerance – Refusal
04. Eveson & Lomax – Avenue
05. Lynx – Whistle Stop
06. Vapour – Here Comes the Rain
07. Seba & Krazy – Arsenic
08. Survival – Out The Door
09. Deep Inc. – Everyday Jungle
10. Ill Logic & Raff – Syracuse
11. Lynx – Disco Dodo
12. Saburuko – Warped
13. Icicle – Don’t Lose It
14. Calibre – For U Alone feat. Spacek
15. Lensman – Deeper Then You
16. Makoto & Marky – Togetherness
17. BCee & Lomax – One Year On
18. Survival – The Jam
19. Vapour – Mr Mingus

43 thoughts on “Aaron Jay (Swerve / Groove Connection) – Mix for Breaksblog 03/2007

  1. IMO Swerve sets the standard as being the best DnB night in the whole wide world. This mix is no exception. A shit hot selection that is nicely blended… without a doubt the best thing I have heard on Breaksblog in a long long time. Big up Aaron :-)

  2. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….

    Sound Killa !

    Osasco/São Paulo connected



    BIG UP Aaron top DJ.

  4. BHX INDUSTRIES – you got a myspace page? Really like Needless Alley.. always spinning it in my sets


  5. damn finally a tracklisting with tunes i HAVENT heard yet ! grabbin this now and i expect to be blow’d away

  6. Big Up…

    nice mix…



    Fabiano Carboni
    Brazil РṢo Paulo

  7. Ez Guys, thanks so much for all your wicked comments, it makes my job worth while reading them all. Glad everyone is feeling the ‘deep’ selection. Remember to come to Swerve when you get the chance to see myself plus all the other amazing guests we get down week in week out.

    Much love and respect…Aaron Jay

  8. shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!! fukin suck me sideways! what is the tune startin at 40mins? is this calibre? damn str8, this tune is sik!!

  9. i think the tune is that subaruko, that is on at about 40, and if sooo, damn that heavy lynx tune, disco dodo!!!!

    flippin great mix!!!!!!!!!

  10. A Great Mix, really liking Lomax’s productions of late (Artisan anyone!!!)
    Vapours – Mr Mingus is interesting.. its good to see someone doing something a bit different.. bit like SKC’s limelight, and Break & Survivals – Cronk..

    The Disco Dodo tune is strange.. I wanted to like it and there were parts of it that got me steppin, but theres something not right that I cant put my finger on, its a bit too Stop/start for my liking… shame

    Anyways TOP mix will be venturing to swerve when I get the chance..

  11. uhh.. looks like this guy really knows what’s up!!!

    jeeez bro.. you need to play in los angeles.. hit up the funktion crew!!

    i like. i like!!

  12. The tune that kicks in at 42 mins but starts at 40mins. if thats saburuko, ill be damned!! dem bringin some fookin sweet tunes to the dancefloor!! i need that tune u know bruvs!!

  13. wasn’t really feeling the tunes bro, nothing special in that mix. But respect for the nice mixing.

  14. Ok, I got this on the d/l a while back but not had chance to listen til today at work. Holy fuck! – sick tunes man. Whatever it is that starts to come in @ 29mins – jeez, i’ve given that badboy about 20 rewinds. I should have left this place an hour and a half ago!

  15. best breaksblog mix of the last weeks.. even better than the latest from Fabio and Intalex for me.. comprehensive spectrum.

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