Dyer, Lt.Smash, Dank One – Prestige Music Label Mix for WMC 2007


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Prestige Music Group is the collaborative effort of three young DnB enthusiasts whom want to support prominent artists by helping to release their works on the undying format of vinyl recordings. Dyer, LT Smash, and DankOne, along with advice and direction from Stu of Cause4Concern, have the intent to contribute to the best of their means.

Wicked rolling tuneage by the Prestige Music Guys for Winter Music Conference 2007. Big up them guys.

1- Pentagon & Ethix – Blue Lick (Prestige Music 003)
2- Sol ID – Someone I used to know (Unreleased)
3- Beta 2 – Trojan (Forthcoming Bassbin Recordings)
4- Saburuko – London (Forthcoming Future Thinkin)
5- Redeyes & Mutt – Virtue (Prestige Music 001)
6- Atlantic Connection – Transatlantic (Westbay Recordings)
7- Survival – Ion2 (Unreleased)
8- Kjell – Green Eyes (Unreleased)
9- Syncopix- On Volt (Prestige Music 002)
10- Chino – Golden Daze (Unreleased)
11- Insiders & Codex – Never Ending Story (Unreleased)
12- Will Miles – Turn This Way (Unreleased)
13- Redeyes – My Sin (Unreleased)
14- Lomax & Eveson – Avenue (Forthcoming Spearhead Recordings)
15- Syncopix – Starlights (Prestige Music 002)
16- Furney & Herrick – Let me Be With You (Unreleased)
17- Switch – Documents (Unreleased)
18- Icicle & Nymfo – Unbreakable (Forthcoming Critical Music)
19- Pentagon & Ethix – Hold On (Prestige Music 003)

24 thoughts on “Dyer, Lt.Smash, Dank One – Prestige Music Label Mix for WMC 2007

  1. Mix runs out before the last two tracks on the playlist..

    Great soulful mix .. deep liquid sounds

  2. smooth mix..
    didn’t like the new version of “beta 2 – trojan”..an earlier, which was played one year ago on fabio show that one was really wicked..that was so deep and heavy..can’t say about this though

  3. u sure is there another version of trojan?!

    this is the only version i know this is at least a year old… :-/

  4. just want to clarify, my track “Green Eyes” is indeed coming out on Digital Bluz in the near future, so look for it!

    big up Prestige Music and Zoo Croo makin it known!

  5. aint nothin but the freshest on Breaksblog… Big ups to all those involved! :)

  6. I have a good time listening to the smashing sounds of Green Eyes. Big nuff for shure!

  7. Kjell – When is Will Miles – Healing coming out? and on what label?
    I ask as It was the first tune on your Studio Mix from January and its amazing.


  8. Another quality mix from the Prestige crew!!!!! You guys rock!!!! Keep up the dope sounds fellas!!!! Mad respect!!!
    We are glad to be a part of the movement…….peace – Freddy D

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