Marcus Intalex, Calibre & Martyn – Soulution @ Subtronics (Amsterdam) – 24/03/2007

Marcus Intalex & Calibre

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Calibre, Marcus Intalex and Martyn live @ Subtronics, Amsterdam feat. the lyrical talents of Mc DRS (Broken English). It turns out those Sets were played at where they offer webstreams of serveral gigs and partys taking place in the Netherlands.

Tracklist Marcus Intalex:
lynx feat. kemo – carnival (soul:r)
Mistical – Mistical Dub [SOUL:R]
Commix – Faceless (Marcus Intalex Mo’ Bass Remix) [SHOGUN AUDIO]
Marcus Intalex – Red 7 [SOUL:R]
Doc Scott – Drumz ’95 (2007 Version) [N/A]
Lomax – Innocent X [CRITICAL]
Mistical – Time To Fly [SOUL:R]
Wots My Code – Dub Plate [XLR8]
Zero Tolerance & Steo – Refusal [N/A]
Alix Perez – Resolution [SHOGUN AUDIO]
Klute – Never Never [COMMERCIAL SUICIDE]
High Contrast & Calibre – Mr Majestic [SOUL:R]
Invaders – Dreamy Ting [SOUL:R]
Calibre & Zero Tolerance – Waterfall [SIGNATURE]
Bango Collective feat. Dennis Jones & Kemo – Apocalypse (Lynx rmx) (Soul:r)
Commix – Bellevue [N/A]
Calibre – Past, Imperfect, Future Tense [SOUL:R]
M.I.S.T. – Outerspace [SOUL:R]
Capone (Dillinja) – Friday [HARDLEADERS]
Marcus Intalex – Wide Eyes [SOUL:R]
Marky & Total Science – Tunnel Vision [N/A]
Alix Perez & Sabre – Solitary Native [SHOGUN AUDIO]
Calibre – Why Time [N/A]

Tracklist Calibre:
1.??? – ???
2.??? – ???
3.Mistical – The Eleventh Hour (Feat DRS) [SOUL:R]
4.??? – ???
5.Calibre – Hypnotise [SOUL:R]
6.Calibre – Is It U [Signature]
7.Mistical – Mistical Soulution (Feat Ras T-Weed)[SOUL:R]
8.??? – ???
9.Klute & Calibre – Freedom Come [Commercial Suicide]
10.??? – ???
11.??? – ???
12.Calibre – Carry Me Away [Signature]
13.??? – ???
14.Calibre – Mr Right On [Signature]
15.Klute – Property Is Theft [Commercial Suicide]
16.Electrosoul System – Falling [Allsorts]
17.??? – ???
18.Calibre – Fire & Water [SOUL:R]
19.Mr. L – Enter Night [Mr. L Records]
20.Lynx – Uno
21.Calibre – Past, Imperfect, Future Tense [SOUL:R]
22.Break – Ringing Ears [Commercial Suicide]
23.D-Bridge feat. Steve Spacek – Last Straw [EXIT]
24.??? – ???
25.??? – ???
26.??? – ???
27.??? – ???

Tracklist Martyn:
1. Jonny L – Lets Roll [PIRANHA]
2. Ed Rush & Optical – Medicine (Matrix Remix) [VIRUS]
3. Marcus Intalex – Zumbar [SOUL:R]
4. Calibre – Derranged [SOUL:R]
5. Survival – Resolution [DNAUDIO]
6. Martyn – Cloud Conventions [BASSBIN]
7. ? – ?
8. ? – ?
9. Martyn – Get Down [SOUL:R/REVOLVE:R]
10. Mistical ft Ras T-Weed – Mistical Soulution [SOUL:R]
11. Klute – The Struggle [COMMERCIAL SUICIDE]
12. ? – ?
13. Martyn – Share My Wings [SOUL:R/REVOLVE:R]
14. Martyn – Shadowcasting [REVOLVE:R]

91 thoughts on “Marcus Intalex, Calibre & Martyn – Soulution @ Subtronics (Amsterdam) – 24/03/2007

  1. Marky and Total Science – Tunnel Vision N/A…..I take it they mean its not gettin released?? Pity, such an ace tune. Both these sets look good, on the D/L

  2. Calibre set…

    1 . Calibre feat Lariman – Piece of Mind
    13. Calibre – Gibbe Dub
    21. Mist:ical – Amen Electric
    24. Random Movement – Sabina
    26. Calibre feat DRS – Secada Rapido
    28. Calibre – Thoughness

  3. been listening to laot of hip hop used listen to dnb only but these mixes make me get back to dnb in listenin, enjoying, and attempting to produce it…

  4. 1st tune by intalex isnt global enemies… though it sounds like something else with kemo mc and lynx.

  5. Thats not as bad as the SKC track Limelight on his newly released (on promo) EP on Social Studies.. this tune was a B Side to a Chris.SU tune called Yorke on Encrypted Records from 4 YEARS AGO! whats going on here… and did that bloody Logistics remix of Big Bad & Heavy ever get released? that was floating around on dub for a good year or so..

    Why does it take so long to get these tunes out? With the amount of people using the internet to download mixes and tunes people are hearing the tunes ever earlier.. and by the time they are released most people are sick to death of them.

    Some producers have the right idea tho.. releasing tunes immediately, so U can hear them out or online and in a week or so the promo is available..

  6. really digging that calibre – ‘why time’ tune.

    while we’re at it … anybody know whether ‘for u alone’ by calibre and spacek is going to be released on vinyl anytime soon?

  7. damn that track with the Slowdive sample rolls deep,! whats that?
    and the one before it as well???

    so gooood

  8. 21. th track in calibres set is mistical – amen electric, not past imperfect future tense

  9. yeah i agree strafe. i thought technology would speed up the process but it seems no different in the last years.

  10. digging the vocals on gibble dub!
    still feels a bit shaky though

    anyone know the tune after mistical soulution, in the calibre set?
    breaks my heart…

  11. all i can say is: dope! :D
    calibre/track4 sounds like new tune by eveson, same drums as in ‘high grade’
    track25: Break – Let It Happen

  12. ups..rollo was bit faster :D
    damn Calibre feat DRS – Secada Rapido is such a hawt tune, i dreamed about it this night O_O

  13. damn i cant wait to listen to all three of these mixes back to back… good work sorting out the tracklisting guys, hopefully all the gaps can be filled in… always nice to have complete tracklistings…

  14. Excellent, thanks for the link.

    BTW a bit of topic but doesn anyone have any information about Subtronics in Amsterdam and other clubs that play dnb in Amsterdam?

    Tried goggle and it just gave me links to this mix on another site.


  15. Calibre set:

    01. Calibre feat Lariman – Piece of Mind
    02. Breakage – Clarendon [Digital Soundboy Dub]
    03. Mistical – The Eleventh Hour (Feat DRS) [SOUL:R]
    04. Eveson – Imagine [forthcoming Creative Source]
    05. Calibre – Hypnotise [SOUL:R]
    06. Calibre – Is It U [Signature]
    07. Mistical – Mistical Soulution (Feat Ras T-Weed) [SOUL:R]
    08. ??? – ???
    09. Klute & Calibre – Freedom Come [Commercial Suicide]
    10. Conrad & Furney – Drum Toolz
    11. ??? – ???
    12. Calibre – Carry Me Away [Signature]
    13. Calibre – Gibbe Dub
    14. Calibre – Mr Right On [Signature]
    15. Klute – Property Is Theft [Commercial Suicide]
    16. Electrosoul System – Falling [Allsorts]
    17. ??? – ???
    18. Calibre – Fire & Water [SOUL:R]
    19. Mr. L – Enter Night [Mr. L Records]
    20. Lynx – Uno
    21. Mist:ical – Amen Electric
    22. Break – Ringing Ears [Commercial Suicide]
    23. D-Bridge feat. Steve Spacek – Last Straw [EXIT]
    24. Random Movement – Sabina
    25. Break – Let It Happen
    26. Calibre feat DRS – Secada Rapido
    27. Furney & Herrick – I Like It Like That
    28. Calibre – Thoughness

  16. what rowan said!!! DAMN (pardon the pun) wished this little jem of sets was over here for me to listen live, hey ho, ta v much breaksblog boys!!!
    we were still caining the last calibre drs set! cant really express how chuffed i am with endless exclaimation marks hehe
    thanks thank u ta cheers ect

  17. nice…

    Calibre – Gibbe Dub is beautiful

    Fabiano Carboni
    Brazil РṢo Paulo

  18. absolutely amazing!

    these mixes are top notch!
    i’m so bummed i wasn’t these and i’m a dutchman…..

  19. oh gosh…

    drs is a great mc!

    anyone remember his goodlooking stuff?

    highlights for me were – `ascendant moods` mix (by PHD)
    `wastelands` on logical progression 3 (by Intense)

  20. huh…*

    ascendant moods actually of ascendant grooves, sister label to goodlooking…

  21. saw drs+calibre last year @cologne that was insane to hear drs mcing to calibre @the decks :P

  22. ive listened to these mixes back to back a few times already…. DRS is a great emcee and helps push things along nicely….


    Marky & Total Science – Tunnel Vision

    has to be one of the DEEPEST tracks around at the moment…. I think this was played on a Soul:ution radio show a few months back, and I was loving it then, and am STILL loving it now…. anyone else feel that track as much as I do ?

    as a sidenote, I love how DRS chuckles everytime he says something about herb, weed or hydrophonics… lol…. they iz in amsterdamn afterall….

  23. Lynx – In The Mode
    Commix – Bellevue

    those two are top tunes as well….. love the emceeing in ‘In the Mode’

  24. a little later i really known the drum&bass, found a Musique Concrete, since then i bought everything i see/can!!!!.
    I think is a vicious but i feel good.
    THX CALIBRE!!!!!!! 4 all this years.

  25. anyone know what the voice in “enter night” is saying? i can’t figure it out and it’s killing me!

  26. Calibre – Gibbe Dub

    is now called

    Calibre feat. DRS – Hustlin’

  27. maaan that HUSTLIN tune, SNAP!!! its goooood!! will it forever stay as dub or is it any plans for it ;)??

    wicked set from calibre!!!!!

  28. sorry for ma bad english
    Calibre is wonderful
    what’s track beginning on 37:08?

  29. Does anyone know the name of the track at the 22:00 point??? The tune is amazing!!!!!


  30. ez people,

    track #8 in calibre’s set is “self belief” by the talented danish newcomer
    soulmatic. the tune’s due on good looking. seems like danny and the boys
    are gonna be back with a vengeance this year. it’s a damn good look so

    enjoy the music

  31. On the Calibre mix whats the track where its like

    “Hustlin, dying, trying to find our way”
    “Hustling, dying, living in these final days”

    it starts at: 37:19

  32. PLEASE! has anybody the tracklist of the MSC & D-Virus set of that night? They came before intalex, calibre and martyn. Please! GREAT thanks in advance!

  33. Wow, great mix!
    “Hustlin” Yeah i love this track!!

    And on the top i see one of my pics which i took 2005 at the Apropo Club in Cologne. Cool, now im famous ? ;-)

  34. Hi,

    does anybody know how track 17 is called? it´s the track before the amazing “Fire & Water” Tune :)

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