Marcus Intalex @ RBMA // Soul:ution Radio Volume 11, 08/2008



Marcus Intalex with the long awaited next episode of Soul:ution Radio for All the deep and varied vibes that we love so much. Freshness.

Brother And Saburoko – In Control – Dub
Seba – As Long As It Takes – Combination
Atom – Night Flight – Dub
ST Files – Eightsix – Soulr
Data – Glacier – Dub
Hiten – Bolt aka Blot Out – Soul:r
Spy And Mosus – Drop Shadow
Nu:Logic – Trademark – Hospital
Sight Unseen – U Make It – Dub
Furney – Jahman – V
Mutt And Visionary – Lady Love – Future Retro
Marcus Intalex – Vintage – Soulr
Calibre – Dont Mind – Signature
Chris Coda – Heading North – Dub
Lomax – Burning Flag – Critical
ST Files – Cold Front – Soulr
Calibre – Harbinger – Signature
Sato, Jack & Jubei – Untitled – Dub
Data – Liberty City Blues -Dub
Blocks – Tangier -Dub
The Upbeats – Untitled Noises- Dub
Brother – Say It Loud – Dub
Seba- Blaze And Fade Out – Combination
Electrosoul System – Bookworm – Dub
Harmonic 313 – Flash – Warp

88 thoughts on “Marcus Intalex @ RBMA // Soul:ution Radio Volume 11, 08/2008

  1. In an age where simply loud noise and grimey basslines is considered music, I can’t be more thankful for DJs and producers like Marcus.

    Big up for staying true to the deeper end of DNB and bringing true music to the masses!

  2. Christ, with every track in this mix, you can *feel* DNB becoming more amazing

  3. yesss, finally hiten gets the appreciation he deserves… big up dude!
    And generally another great soulution show as always – quality vibes at all!

  4. yes yes, been waiting too long for this, marcus intalex has teh best ear for tunes in the game imo. big up.

  5. Never disappoints – so fresh.

    Keen for a Commix guest mix…it’s only a matter of time.

  6. I’m absolutely loving this high quality mature DnB brought forth by Mr. Intalex, his show, and this site. Thank you.

  7. right on right on… tunage as per usual from the 1 like marcus intalex.. loving the bits by data, hiten, saburoko & brother.

  8. have a feeling this mix will stay in my car long time….as all the previous shows have done.

    man like intalex has quality control like few others…d-bridge is the only other i can think of thats happy to roll with the deep and musical side of things.

    brap brap…..long live drum n bass…….tis the present and the future

  9. yay, Lynx album soon – finally! I can’t wait :) Proper show, big tings

    btw, i like the idea of an *eeerhhhm* competition hehe

  10. intalex on form as always

    glad to see furneys – jah man is being released…rolling tune

  11. Marcus Intalex – Vintage – Soulr
    Calibre – Dont Mind – Signature

    Pure fucking classness

    I jizzed everywhere

  12. Thanks for the play Marcus! If I’d only seen this on Wednesday before he played in Portland I could have said thanks in person, heh.

    Rest of the show is top notch as usual. Loads of great music being made these days. Really dug the Brother & Saburuko and Atom tracks. And Calibre – Harbinger, sickness.

  13. funny i just posted a message to mr intalex a few days ago asking wen the nxt broadcast was coming out,,wishfull thinking pays of yeah :)

  14. This is the best drum n bass music out there, no doubt about that!!!
    100% quality!! much respect to marcus and everyone pushing this music forward!!

  15. ST Files – Cold Front is a filthy tune…. blue note hard-step sound is coming back

    top show

  16. This show amongst others, reminded me once again why i got into this music in the first place…

    Organic, instrumental musical innovation is still alive….




  18. Calibre – Don’t mind and Seba’s tunes steal it for me – lyrics are debatable on some of Seba’s tunes though. Still can’t wait for album!

  19. Don’t Mind = Calibre singing 2.0
    That man is a wizard! Alone in a Crowd & TV On were awesome but this new gem Don’t Mind just kills it! Beautiful… Salute!

    And Mr. Intalex, funny as ever :D

  20. Keeping the sound varied, mixing up the styles, representing the real dnb, the true sound of drum and bass.

    Not something that sounds like a seventeen year old rock band who have just listened to slipmat on their first e and decided to make dnb. no it’s not that it’s real dnb made by real people who have liked dnb for a long time.

    keeping it true to the core as ever.

    its not a rock thing, its not a fame thing, its not a money thing…….. its a love thing.

  21. Yep Yep ‘Data’ now we’re talking.
    Get back to those late 90’s Metalheadz Blue Note vibes.
    Bring it back people!

  22. [Comment ID #436580]

    Couldn’t of said it better myself – Nice to see more variation in the sound and not picking at a person for trying something different but keeping a signature sound within their own music!

    the first track is a personal fave

  23. thanks marcus for playin ‘blot out’ and thanks guys for your kind words. it wont be released on soul:r though. they made a mistake in the tracklist. so…its still unsigned! ;)

  24. i like the un-preparedness of it, just talk and select a tune :D wicked!

  25. Ok, I think Markus is great but on listening to this show I felt that if it was a DJ / Producer who was an unknown, people wouldn’t be so into this.

    Don’t get me wrong, tune selection is good and I enjoyed the show I just feel that if it was someone who isn’t so forefront in the scene it wouldn’t of been so well recieved….

    One love….
    Im no hater, just making an observation

  26. youre completely right anon. therefore its good that we have some big dogs repping the deeper more varied and future thinking bits. if it wasnt about them how would the world even know about these kinda tunes …

  27. I don’t get the mandatory hating in all of marcus’s radio shows.

    “the real drum & bass”

    So what does that make jungle then?

    I don’t think he really appreciates that drum & bass is a genre of music with such different diversities and sometimes people (gladly not myself!) enjoy a rock based d&b track.

    It’s fortunate that not everyone shares his view on the scene as it would be fucked.

  28. but intalex selection surely is very diverse nonetheless. its not like he plays just one particular kind of sound.

  29. Solid, Really vibing off this..
    Pity about the sloppy mix for the chicken curry though, come on, priorities people..
    One of the best if not the best Soul:ution Radio Episodes, for shure!

  30. Nu:Logic – Trademark, been listening to it on Logistics myspace for ages it seems, just so simple so deep makes you understand it’s about crafting the form not layering 12 amens ontop of each other.

  31. Wicked deepness as always, one of the only shows I go back to again and again. Real music is right.

  32. magnificent!

    Seba – Blaze And Fade Out – Combination
    …knocking it all out.

  33. This is a dope show. Lovin the Data stuff and ST Files absolutely fuckin rules.

    Anon, I couldn’t care who mixed this set, the vibez are deep and movin, i’d be listenin to it if osama bin laden mixed it

  34. [Comment ID #437925]

    Intalex has been doing this for so long he’s an old jaded junglist…and I dare say he is allowed to be!

    A lot of us older, jaded folk appreciate that Intalex is narrowing in on TODAY’S “real” drum n bass. Sure, there is plenty of diversity but it doesn’t mean that every “diverse” track coming out is good. a lot of it is shite….and Intalex serves as our cantankerous host in keeping us tuned into and showcasing the GOOD stuff….the deep stuff…the funky stuff…the uplifting intelligent sounds!

    If you don’t like Intalex’s selection or his snarky comments then just don’t tune in. with so much diversity in dnb thanks to the internet I’m sure you can go find your death metal, pots and pans, kill everything with tin cans and spoons noise elsewhere.

  35. { tearscomin4thekill said: }

    I’m sure you can go find your death metal, pots and pans, kill everything with tin cans and spoons noise elsewhere.

    lol lol lol Catdrums as i call it, sounds like a cat being murdered in a washing machine lol

  36. seckness. calibre and ST Files…….unreal. anyone else hear that ST Files IS Marcus Intalex?????

  37. been this lisnin this mix quite a few times now. loving that delicate little bass on atom – night flight.
    and yeah that electrosoul system track, very nice but a bit teebeeish… which is by no means a bad thing though.

  38. loving the entire mix, but if i had to pick one tune out, it would be Harbinger… the subtle vocals on it are ringing in my ears even when im not listening to the set

  39. Incredible show!!!!

    The second to last song in the mix, correct me if I am wrong is Glacier-Data?????

    Help please

  40. Wicked, badass serious drum n bass from Master Intalex yet again. Thank god 4 this show man, another show 2 download onto the old pod 2 keep my sleepless nights filled with forward thinking original beats and bass.

    Really feeling all the tracks, im still trying to track down Harbinger – Calibre ,
    Marcus Intalex – Vintage and Burning Flag by Lomax (on vinyl) as far as am aware they aint been released yet, anyone knw when? Even tho this show 6 months old now, most tracks not out yet on vinyl still. Anyway respect out to all who have commented as it’s great to see various opinions and feedback.
    Im the new kidand my names Ashey. Fair play everyone on this site. BIG UP.

  41. Oh and rewinds on the Chris Coda 2une (is that out yet?) and fair play 2 Data also.

    Once again, words can’t express what impact these shows and tunes have had on my life, some people just don’t understand the vibe and feeling created in the mind and soul by this music.

    Respect M. Intalex, I prefer these sounds 2 that of Crissy Criss on Radio 1 anyway (but jump up is all good in small doses)

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