DJ Trax – All Trax Mix 08/2008

DJ Trax


I’ve Just added a new mix featuring 10 DnB tracks from myself. As well as past and current releases theres also some unreleased material.

Beatuiful, melodic Jungle/Drum and Bass with rich low-end and excellent drumwork by the one and only DJ Trax. Watch out for releases by the man himself on labels such as Outsider (‘Lay Back’ was just released on a fine double 12″) and Paradox Music. Highly recommended.

0:00 1/ `SunLight` (Unreleased)
6:15 2/ `Tommorows New Dawn` Exclusive Instrumental Mix (Crisis recordings)
11:33 3/ `The Drummer Is The Heatbeat` (Outsider Music)
17:34 4/ `Depths`(Offset Recordings)
23:25 5/ `This One` (Subvert Central Recordings)
27:38 6/ `My Response` (Unreleased)
32:30 7/ `Lost My Tears` (Defcom Dub)
39:17 8/ `Creation` (Unreleased)
42:45 9/ `Lay Back` (Outsider Music)
49:41 10/`Warmth` (Paradox Music)

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19 thoughts on “DJ Trax – All Trax Mix 08/2008

  1. yes man. as soon as i get off work, I’m crackin two beers for the one mr. traxx

    ish is traxtastic

  2. Warmth is amazing, i play that most mornings since i bought it ages ago. so deep, it gets me ready for my working day

  3. Ah ha – been looking out for more info on what is happening with Lost My Tears since it appeared in a Dissident breaksblog mix months ago! Any idea when it is going to surface?

  4. [Comment ID #437393]

    cheers – look forward to picking it up in a few months :-)

  5. BRILLIANT! I agree – excellent drumwork! Latest mixes on breaksblog stepping up a notch on the the quality. Great to hear the scene getting back to old skool type atmospherical deepness.

  6. respect to the one like the traXXxxXXXxselectaaAaaA! hopefully we will get you down to denton, tx later this year ;)

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