Marcus Intalex @ RBMA // Soul:ution Radio Vol. 17 01/2011


A lover of Chicago house and Detroit techno, his flavourful and groovesome drum ‘n bass relates directly to those forms and is often picked up on by strictly 4/4 heads. Part of the production duo MIST with ST Files, the Tubbs to his Crockett, he’s racked up plenty of underground hits on his two record lables, Soul:R and Intalex Productions. Artist albums, compilations, collaborations, 12″s, UK clubnights, remixes and tours all over the world; it’s all just business as usual for Marcus.

Mr. Marcus Intalexlexlexlexlex is back from an 8 months hiatus with a nice rollout playing the cream of the crop from a wide range of Artists. No guests, not too much chatter, just two hours of drum and bass music …

Sub Zero – Brighter Days [TRU PLAYAZ]
James Blake – Limit To Your Love (Lynx Booty)
Calibre – Who’s Singing
Distorted Minds – Visions
Zero T ft Script – Guessing Games
Trex – Bad Reaction
J Majik – Old Headz [METALHEADZ]
Phil Tangent – Restitution [SOUL:R]
Commix – Audience
Seba – Vanity
Marcus Intalex – Hot Hands [SOUL:R]
Subwave – Us [METALHEADZ]
Bulb ft MC Fava – Still There
Octane & DLR & Survival – Spectrum
Generic & Sks – Bayard
Marcus Intalex & SPY – Celestial Navigation
Subwave – Raindance – Metalheadz
Dub Phizix & Chimpo & Fox – Narrow Eyes
Vapour Bass
Marcus Intalex & SPY ft Ras Tweed – Make A Raise [SOUL:R]
St:Cal – Reno Vate
Trex – Daily Operation
Dub Phizix – Danger
Artifacts – Old As Fxxxx
SPY- Dubbarubbadubbadub
Seba & Physics – Before I Can Breathe
Need For Mirrors – Reset

18 thoughts on “Marcus Intalex @ RBMA // Soul:ution Radio Vol. 17 01/2011

  1. That Commix track is awesome, pick of the bunch for sure.
    Don’t quite know what to make of that Lynx edit of Limit to Your Love. I like original from Feist and feeling pretty much every thing that James Blake does but this Lynx thing sound bit too cheap to me.

    Anyways.. glad to hear from the Intalex. Been a while. Waiting for the LP.

  2. Finnnnnnnnnnnnally. I sure hope he doesn’t wait so long to put out the next one — they’re always the highlight of my day/week/month/year.

  3. i am losing interest in these soulution shows as the music is a bit to cold & techy. i agree with QT, the show needs a little Soul:injection…

    the james blake remix was alright. i presume he just did a little remix with the parts from the normal release, so he can play it out in his sets. id imagine it would be different remix if he got all the seperate sounds from james blake.

  4. Marcus Intalex for the win!!!! Love this show. Although I will say could use a bit more soul that is true. But I guess he’s just playing whats current. Shows teh state of the scene. The shows from around 2006/7 had a lot of soul.

    But anyway great show all the same. Love that Calibre bit and the Distorted Minds – Visions tune.

  5. yes defo need more soul, think he has changed lots from when i have seen him in 2007. the scene is lot darker now. people like perez and icicle completing changing like intalex, for the worse of course.

  6. What the heck are you guys talking about? There’ a whole armada of soulful tunes in this mix!
    And the techy bits he plays are awesome too, like ‘hot hands, siiiick track!

  7. Dark, dirty, deep, and sounding bad ass as always Intalex.

    Keep up the great work.

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