Marcus Intalex – RBMA // Soulution Radio 10/2006

Marcus Intalex

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Marcus Intalex back with loads of good good tunes and a guestmix by Dj Lee. MP3 is encoded with 192kbps but was obviously recorded of the stream. Check the tuneage. Rehosts?

Blame – Beholder – 720 Degrees
Alix Perez – Strangers – Dub
Mistical – Mistical Soulution – Soul:r
Lynx- Uno – Dub
Mosus and – Heavier Than Heaven – Dub
Break – Come N Get It – Soul:r
Al Force 1 & Tempo 78 – Commanche – Dub
Doc Scott – Tokyo Dusk – 31 Records
Seba And Robert Manos – Wild One – Metalheadz
10 Mistical Feat Diane Charlemagne – Stay Away – Soul:r

DJ Lee In The Mix:

Beta 2 feat Lariman – Fool In You – Dub
Calibre – Mr Right On – Signature
Atlantic Connection – Situtations
instru:Mental – Naked Zoo – Soul:r
Makoto & Specialist – Pachinko – Dub
Saburuko – GreenHorn (VIP) – Dub
PFM – One & Only – Good Looking
Saburuko – Brooklyn Summer – Dub
Marky & Bungle – 13th Floor – Innerground
Mutated Forms – Blue Magic – Dub

End Of Mix

Mistical Feat Drs – City Life – Soul:r
Calibre – No Frills – Dub
Commix – Broken Man – Metalheadz
Mistical – Amen Electric – Soulr
Reactiv – Watercourse – Dub
Jay Dee Feat Common – E=mc2 – BBE

44 thoughts on “Marcus Intalex – RBMA // Soulution Radio 10/2006

    (sound quality could be better, but………….oh so good!)

  2. hah

    “none of that rave fodder, none of that stupid, stupid drum & bass music, just the real, real shit…”

    gotta love the intalex!

  3. oh geez new mistical stuff is just amazing. Good one Soul:R staying true no matter what! Btw…did anyone else get a big block of silence in the middle of Lee’s set?

  4. excellent, despite the sound quality. i always check the soulutions radio mixes, despite the consistent shitty initial recording quality. intalex says Lee was going to spin for forty minutes, but they went an additional 10… but then that last ten minutes is SILENCE……… cmon now..

  5. eeew* … i usually just give props for the mix but this time around i must say that the quality of this one is really awful – this is NOT enjoyable even on shitty pc speakers … still big up marcus and soulution radio, great stuff!

  6. read the entire post before you criticize the quality.

    “MP3 is encoded with 192kbps but was obviously recorded of the stream.”

    something is better than nothing. so i would rather thank the kind person who initially recorded this and sent it out to the masses.

  7. big ups for this post, i love the soul:ution radio shows a bit to much me thinks,

    and big ups to who ever recorded the show, cos if you have a look at the rbma website, the schedule is shit. does anyone know when marcus’s show is on, can’t find the info on that site. and is it only internet streaming it does, its not real radio is it?


  8. Calibre – No Frills – Dub
    Commix – Broken Man – Metalheadz
    Mistical – Amen Electric – Soulr
    – thats what we like!

    and that new break thing is sick too.

    Thank god for Soul:r

  9. mmm, got a lot of respect for soul: especially the imapct the label made with tunes released in the last 4/5 years… although dissing the rest of the sub type in the d&b genre is exactly what this scene doesn’t need.

    yeah we all apprciate that theres a few tunes with a few ‘odd’ intros and suckabeats, but jezz, theres no need to be all snobbish about it – if you dont like it – put up or shut up.

    “none of that rave fodder”

    get real mate, dont forget, thats where most of it all started.

  10. always looking foward to a new soul:r radio show….. cant wait to listen to this one….

    anyone know why there hasn’t been a fabio set on breaksblog lately? besides these shows, fabio’s was the next big one i always look foward to ….

  11. PFM – One & Only – Good Looking
    Timeless tune and well placed by Mr Lee (‘cept the 10 minutes of dead time that follow it)

    I have to say that I’m a little let down with the new mistical tracks though after the recently released revelation titled the Refreshed EP. Some true next level shit on that piece.

    Big up Marcus, Soulr crew et al.

  12. @ somewhere.kid

    gimme private REAL lasting webspace to host fabio and u will get all teh latest fabio :)

    just send me an email!

  13. oops … mail is required but not being published ;)

    gottes (at) sonnenkinder (dot) org

  14. But the one right after it, Saburuko – Brooklyn Summer, is the jam of the mix, shame it got cut off!

  15. @ digitalchaos, why not use sendspace/megaupload/otherfreehost for it, until nate rehosts? :p

    Isn’t it how most of the mixes on here start anyway?

  16. @ swerve

    good point but i don’t make the rules on here ya know ;-)
    i hate services like sendspace etc. thats y i stated gimme REAL webspace in the first place :P

  17. Cordani, you just put in writing something I was even afraid to materialize as a thought. I have respected, favored, even idolized MIST and Calibre for years, on the account of their music. Calibre is – unbelievably – still going on quite strong, making proper tunes one after another, but this joint LP is something I expected much more from. Yes, underwhelming is the right word. And I’d rather I didn’t feel about the album this way… :/

  18. Enough about the LP,
    big up to marcus intalex,
    quality bizness once again.

  19. i dont really care about the quality as long as its a good mix.plz dont forget its “RADIO”.but why hate?:o its just music….

  20. people have a right to complain about crappy bitrates.. if you bothered to connect your computer to a decent sound system you would know that low bitrate mixes/tunes sound shit… and surely thats pretty f**king important where music is involved! Its like watching a movie through a letterbox with your eyes half closed… its not hating you idiots, its about wanting to appreciate something properly and not settle for shit quality… you can stick to your Asda own brand vodka.. and the rest of us will stick to the smirnof

  21. listen strafe, we always state when the sound quality is below standard and it’s not like you could get this set anywhere else in hi-fi.

    p.s. i sure hope you meant blue smirnoff and not the red one.

  22. when is the next radio show? i love this show far to much and need a new fix of it. ja get me

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