Fabio – Live on Radio1 28/10/2006

Fabio radio 1

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You demand we deliver … Last weekends Fabio Show on Radio 1. Thanks for the fast quality rehosts go to Nate and Dj 2Lip… each and every

Kjeli ‘Dun Shine’ (White)
Total Science ’19 inch Ribs’ (White)
Die & Clipz ‘Closer’ (White)
Sonic & Silver ‘In My Soul’ (White)
SKC ‘Worthwhile’ (White)
The Fix ‘What Can I Do?’ (White)

History Lesson part 1
Roni Size ‘It’s Jazz Thing’ (Utah jazz Remix) (V Recordings)

Chino ‘As Time Goes By’ (White)
A Sides ‘Planetary Motion’ (White)
Unknown ‘Human Nature’ (White)
Alix Perex ‘Sorrow’ (White)
Q project ‘Faith & kaos’ (White)
Atlantic connection ‘True Love’ (White)
Everson ‘Imagine’ (White)
Steve Survival ‘Untitled’ (White)
Furney ‘Future Bound’

New Talent showcase
Miles ‘Turn This Way’ (White)

History Lesson part 2
Nuyurican Soul ‘Black gold of The Sun (4 Hero Remix)

Chino ‘On my Mind’ (White)
Mystical ‘Amen’ (White)
Untitled ‘Untitled’ (White)

49 thoughts on “Fabio – Live on Radio1 28/10/2006

  1. anyone have a recording of ANYTHING from the fabric fifth birthday? bukem, fabio, london elektricity, grooverider, etc??

  2. Thank you very much for the Fabio’s Show on Radio 1!
    Hopefully Grooverider’s Shows will be on breaksblog as well
    Thanks in Advance!!

  3. oh god…. excuse me while i throw this on my mp3 player, roll a joint up and then retreat to a corner and eat halloween candy whilst enjoying the new fabio mix blazed out =)

  4. mmmm…. definitely feeling the SKC, Sonic & Silver and well, pretty much everything.. Fabio is on point! Anyone who finds a copy of the Bukem set from Fabric PLEASE post it!!!!

  5. Die & Clipz ‘Closer’ (White)
    Solid tracks. Big up to the Fab! The 1Xtra overlays are a bit tired. Tone those down, or tweak them I’d say.

  6. Yeh this is the life – awesome tunes fabio has impeccable taste just like me. Yeh let’s get blazed and rewind Unknown ‘Human Nature’ (White) yeh sweet.

  7. Fabio live on Radio 1 is so sweet but Fabio live at swerve or a night where he has freedom over his selection is on another level.
    Had the pleasure of seeing him lay down extended 3+ hour sets on several occasions and damn… i wish i could get a hold of something like that. Not likely though hehe.

  8. i know what u mean of the lounge. Unfortunately only got to see fabio the 3 years i was living in the uk so.. only experienced the lounge and once the main room for an all nighter session.
    Ripped the set a while ago, let me see if i can find it.

  9. no disrespect to his selection or rep but Bryan G is such a sloppy sloppy dj.. wow..

  10. Atlantic connection ‘True Love’ (White)
    Furney ‘Future Bound’
    these are the greatest tunes in this mix..furney is getting the top notch

  11. Thanks heaps for the swerve sets guys – will be totally looking forward to a swerve night soon. Bryan Gee is just generally sloppy even when he talks.

  12. The human nature rmx….I heard a(nother?) version of it in the dj rome studio mix of may 2006 (around 54:20). By artist it said: DJ Tisso – Human Thing
    (mix is in the breaksblog archives)

  13. Kjell w/ dunnshine for the second week in a row on fabio’s radio1 show.Richmond, Va drumnbass. Big tings a gwan’

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  15. Hey, links are outdated. Been looking badly for this show over the years. Can someone reupload this or has a new link?

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