Marcus Intalex – Pulse Radio / Gottwood Festival Mix 05/2013


Marcus Intalex has spent the majority of his career at the forefront of boundary pushing drum and bass music; slated for an appearance at Gottwood Festival, Marcus has delivered an exclusive mix for us to share.

Its always a pleasure to post a mix by everyones favourite Marcus Intalex aka Trevino aka Mr. Soul:R aka Mr. “Get Off My Lawn”. A good one hour of all flavours, cream of the crop, musical bliss.

8 thoughts on “Marcus Intalex – Pulse Radio / Gottwood Festival Mix 05/2013

  1. Has there ever been a bad or crappy Intalex-Mix? I don’t know even one.
    As always: Deeeeep, best quality D&B!
    So many good old and new tunes…

  2. Yep, great mix indeed! There are some tracks in there … track-track-tracklist needed!

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