Makoto feat. Deeizm – Humanelements Podcast 12 – 03/2007

Makoto & Deeizm

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As for deejaying, Makoto, together with Deeizm MC has travelled across the world […] and has become one of the most sought-after deejays on the Drum&Bass circuit. Makoto’s sets are characterised by the same jazzed-out and soulful music that he is known for as a producer.

Listen to that Intro, romours say Makoto and Deeizm have something going on …

01. Marky+Makoto / Long Distance (Innerground)
02. Marky+Makoto / Love Again (Human Elements)
03. Total Science + Marky / Tunnel Vision (?)
04. Utah Jazz vs Soulmatic ?/ ?? (Innerground)
05. Human Nature (D&B remix VIP)
06. High Contrast / Everything Is Different (Hospital)
07. Commix / Talk To Frank (Metalheadz)
08. Sonic / Jigsaw (Bingo)
09. Sonic & Makoto / Tearing Soul (Space)
10. Marky + Bungle / Back Like Dat
11. Nu:tone / Beatnik (Hospital)
12. Makoto / Waiting (Good Looking)
13. Nookie / Can’t Hold It Back (Phuzion)
14. Nookie / Get Down (Phuzion)
15. Nu:tone / Jet Stream (Hospital)

52 thoughts on “Makoto feat. Deeizm – Humanelements Podcast 12 – 03/2007

  1. Human Nature (D&B remix VIP) // -need this!
    Nu:tone / Jet Stream (Hospital) // -love this!

    anyway, great podcast!

  2. The mixing & tracklisting is spot on. Deeizm creates some magic when she connects with music but there are also too many moments where she doesnt hit the right notes or tries to be something she isnt. Stick to the diva vox and not the ghetto slang.

  3. wow,get down,,, nookie track,,,, feelin’that one,, respec’ makoto ,, you just rock ..:)

  4. hmm.. too many well-known tracks that have been strained in a lot of breaksblog mixes of the last months already.. somewhat disappointing.

  5. ah cool, thx for the info timsen ;)
    huge mixset btw. agreeing with rollo, i love it when deeizm comes one with the music. a female mc is so much better than a male one hahaa :D

  6. is Deeizm fine? really can’t tell from the photos I’ve checked since she does that whole b-girl thing or whatever.
    As for the mix, I thought it was ace, and that is taking into consideration the fact that I’m not really an MC person these days.. either way, some good tunes.

  7. Tunnel Vision is such an awesome tune. Heard it first on one of the early Soulution radio shows, and thought it used the vocal sample so much better than Logistics on his album — however I got the idea this wasn’t coming out? Can anyone shed more light…?

  8. yeah i’m with you rollo but, i think though deeizm has room for improvment, its not unachievable with a little time, i’d like to hear her pushed in that direction some more.

    good shi* guys! ta

  9. @Joakim. The vip is pretty much the same as the one out atm on white. it just drops into the original michael jackson tune in the breakdown. im sure u could make a lil vip urself if u have soundforge or wavlab!!!

  10. @ joakim

    if this is VIP version than the difference is that vip one has parts of original Michael Jackson – Human nature and Right Here (cant remember who did that song – know only the group started with S….), and the released one is only the sample…

    love Jet Stream from it out yet?

    home that one day Makoto comes to Zagreb….!!!!

  11. Its terrific to hear a woman MC holding it down with an incredibly talented DNB deejay. Mad props from Texas!

  12. Yes yes big ups Makoto! downloading this one now….he also features heavily on the Intabeats on 1Xtra this month with Marky instead of Baily…can someone please post this mix???

  13. wow i just found that human elements had a podcast. Best news all day. dl now.

  14. Marky+Makoto / Love Again (Human Elements)
    fuckin baaaad tune!
    been waiting on this one for about two years now and it still sounding heavy. needs to get a release asap!

  15. NOOKIE – Cant hold it back!!

    the upliftin vibe is what MAKES liquid Dnb
    there should be much much more of this
    i.e Green Horn, etc etc

  16. i’ll definitely check this mix out, but BACK LIKE DAT can stopped being played indefinitely for all i care…. i never liked that remix, nor the MJ one…. paatooey !

  17. what is the name of the tune playing during intro, when they are talking? bassline is taken from take my soul baby definetly, but this is some kind of second remix. anybody knows?

  18. yep. i heard this track in set @ atmosphere (medicine bar) 2 years ago! he should release it.

  19. i have the original 12″ from way back, it still beats everything else :P

  20. yeah love again has been on dub for like 3 years!!when is the album dropping?but yeah deeizm is an amazing mc.and if they both hooked up,then big up makoto.^_^

  21. At a time when the scene is overcome by wishy washy liquid pants, Nookie sets it then leads the way with his latest release on Phuzion, progressive stuff both in terms of his production over the years and this particular track. Bigups Nookie. Not a lot else to rant about with this set though, unless you like it elevator-music style

  22. really REALLY dont like Deeizm.. Makoto is a top producer and DJ but I couldnt stand the MCing.. especially the ‘street’ style vicky pollard moments.. bullshit. Not all drum & bass fans are chavs or live in da hood you know

  23. Nookie – Can’t hold it back, early days but I think the best tune of 2007, so smooth.
    as mentioned, that VIP of human nature is just a mash up of the tune with the original, works perfectly!!

  24. Excellent mixing!

    Have to say Deeizm has progressed a lot since Progressions Sessions 10.

    Rinsed her some what on the old goodlooking website – had great expectations of that particular mix… do apologize for that now, she`s got talent.

    Whether one likes MCing over mixes is a different matter, Deeizm has a nice voice!

  25. I can’t f***in’ believe she sung over “Back Like Dat.”

    I was really liking her up until that point, but that just ruined it for me. This isn’t karaoke, damn it.

    ARRRGHHHHH now I can’t even get her f***ing voice out of my head, stumbling to imitate the vocals of the song.


  26. riomx, you are so wrong

    deeizm is outstanding over the entire set. mc’s just the right amount, not too much. in all the right places.

    deeizm does something called ‘harmonizing’, when she vocalises over the ‘back lit dat’. i think that her harmonizing perfectly compliments the neyo vocals. it works brilliantly and makes the track sound even better to my ears.

    maybe you should be less previous about your r&b music and open up your ears!

  27. Deeizm has a great voice and she can flow, she just shouldnt try the gangsta shit i mean please all we need is tough rhymes from a sexy white british girl c’mon. This tracklist is fuckin killer love the nookie tracks and back like dat i dont care what anyone says is THE best remix in a LONG time. BIG UPS MAKOTO AND DEEIZM.

    P.S. if makoto is hittin that fuckin PROPS dude Shelly is gorgeous.

  28. i love you MC Deeizm best so best o/
    Makoto & MC Deeizm – Human nature (mix Michael Jackson) heavenly))!

  29. I love Makoto, but this Deezium thing…I mean she has skills when it is put on wax, but with free styling…naw sista sit down and let another chick get on it.

    But the mix is over all good.

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