Lost Sequence & MC Fokus – Deep Rising Part Two 03/2007

lost sequence

host: propulsive.ch | info: myspace.com/lostsequence, drumandbass.ch

Switzerland’s Lost Sequence (Citrus Recordings / drumandbass.ch) and UK’s MC Fokus (Future Thinkin’) team up for the second time to present the next part of their “deep rising” studio mix series. Lost Sequence are still newcomers in the international D&B scene having released on the dutch Citrus imprint at the end of last year. In this mix they present some of their freshest stuff directly out of the studio alongside some of the top neurofunk tunes out there at the moment.

Fasten your seatbelts, this set goes off.

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18 thoughts on “Lost Sequence & MC Fokus – Deep Rising Part Two 03/2007

  1. Good Mix.. just enough funk to make it stand out from the usual souless robotic neurofunk mixes that bore the tits off me.. one thing tho.. I cant decide if the MC is good or completely weak.. hes out on several occations and he sounds like the poor man’s MC Lowqui, but its fairly ok.. I cant decide.. whats everyone else think?

  2. This mix was outstanding! I dislike most MCs in Drum n Bass culture because they interfere with the music; especially if they have awkward lyrics and make random noises. However, this particular MC did a good job of sustaining himself from overwhelming the songs. There was a nice balance between the MC’s contribution and the tracks played by the DJ. This mix was very enjoyable and for lack of a better word, “bangin”. Thanks to who ever posted this mix and of course the DJ and MC involved in the performance.

  3. @strafe – I haven’t heard this guy Fokus before but he’s far better then most and not nearly as annoying as most.

    At first you can appreciate the monotone of his vocals but then it tends to drone on a bit but I will give him absolute props on memorization of his lyrics…it’s almost as if he’s reading from a teleprompter.

    Thankfully he keeps it fresh the whole way, he’s not looping the same rhymes for 75 mins like that twit from Therapy sessions.

    The dj mix is very tight although neuro wears on me quickly.

  4. I think the MC does great on this one. More of a deep flavor than most, not over done, well produced so it fits with the music and it really adds to the set. Good job. 8)

  5. Wheel! Selecta, wheel an’ come again!! Listened to this multiple times and it bares repeating! Listened to this multiple times and it bares repeating!


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