Hobzee – October Mix 10/2006

Hobzee Horizons Music

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Not done a mix for a while… so i thought it was about time!
Few forthcoming bits.. the Unknown Error tunes should be out on promo very soon (Horizons) so go and buy them so Jim can buy more kebabs!!!
My tune “The Pressure” should be promoing around November time on progress if all goes to plan, with Requiem on the flip (audio on my myspace page).
Then you got the Eveson tunes… which im sure akira will tell you about when they come out!

Watch out for the Hobzee coming up strong …

1.Sabre – Cellar Dwellar
2.Calibre – Luminous
3.Commix – Hide & Seek
4.Beta 2 & Zero Tolerance – Perserverence
5.Unknown Error – Midnight Special
6.Calibre – Derranged
7.Redeyes – Behind Closed Doors
8.Brookes Brothers – Promises
9.Electrosoulsystem – Slice
10.Sabre – Language Barrier
11.Alix Perez – Magnolia
12.Hobzee – The Pressure
13.Danny Byrd – Round & Round
14.Levictus – The Burial(Logistics Remix)
15.Alix Perez – All Alone
16.Eveson – Realize
17.AI – Power Within
18.Beta 2 – Fool In Your Eyes
19.Seba – Heaven Sent
20.Alix Perez – Just Memories
21.Eveson – High Grade
22.Commix – Talk To Frank
23.Total Science Ft Conrad – Soul Patrol
24.Unknown Error – The Yearning

17 thoughts on “Hobzee – October Mix 10/2006

  1. WOHO!. horizons is turning in to be one of my favorite labels. alongside soul:r and a bunch of others :)

  2. Sick mix. I love it…more please.

    Thanks for not playing the same caned tunes over and over.

  3. Gostei muito!… excelente!… um ótimo gosto… diferente e até melhor q os top djs brasileiros… um abraço

  4. Nice selection! Good to meet Hobzee. btw I was right about Magnolia! Seems ur ‘Promise’ is the same as mine too…….& ur ‘Behind Closed Doors’….dear oh dear whats going on!

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