Sabre – October Studio Mix 10/2006


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For all the iTunes users out there, those kind souls over at INTENSE RECORDS have provided the mix for download via podcast …

Sabre, founder of the Do The Math Collective brings us a sublime mix of unreleased bits. Don’t miss.

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01/ L.I.S – Echo Game [Dub]
02/ Sabre – Glimpse The Prospect [Dub]
03/ Logistics – Depth Charge [Hospital]
04/ Verse + SP – Surrender [Crunch Dub]
05/ Icicle – Numbers [Dub]
06/ Konflict – Submerge [Timeless]
07/ Sabre – Damascus [Darkestral Dub]
08/ Icicle & Switch – Secret Temple [Dub]
09/ Sabre – Point Blank [Bassbin Dub]
10/ Deep Inc. – Black Jaguar [Crisis Dub]
11/ Noisia & Teebee – Moon Palace [Dub]
12/ Icicle – So Clean [Dub]
13/ Rymetyme – The Payback [DSCI4]
14/ Lynx & Malibu Rhodes – Mariachi [Dub]
15/ Skitty – Dirty South [Subtitles]
16/ Breakage – Loved You So [Digital Soundboy Dub]
17/ Alix Perez – Worlds Apart [Shogun Dub]
18/ Focus & Lomax – 5 Weeks [Dub]
19/ Sabre – Lady Fortune [Bassbin Dub]

38 thoughts on “Sabre – October Studio Mix 10/2006

  1. real nice vibe to this one. . . I’ve been hearing a lot of Icicle tracks recently. Loving their stuff. . . when are they going to release some of these tunes?!!

  2. @ Briggs 8 to the 1

    Icicle is just one person, but you’re right, his tunes are killing it! He has tune on Avalance called “These Golden” Days, together with Switch. Switch also has a tune out on Lucky Devil called “Still Waters”.

    Loving the mix, great tunage! Bigup Sabre :D

  3. this is lovely!! loveley loveley lovely!! those sabre tracks, and the verse and sp tune!!. and echo games, its all great

  4. I found on the download-page only the september studio mix… Can somebody please give the direct link?

  5. i have to say that focus and lomax track got me hypnotzized, i cant stop listen to it, the little vocal echo.. mm mmm mmm

  6. Quality deep menacing tunage! The new Sabre bits are deep moody d&b at its best… like being trapped in a dark jungle being chased by spear wielding tribes people.. Nice… and is fuckin awesome to play First person shooters too…

  7. great mixing, top programming, very sturdy, tight.
    Very deep trax, reflective sounding. Like staring into a river of clear water. Unicorns and shit. lol.

  8. yes yes i have to say one of the best mixes ever offered on breaksblog–

    need a break from the liquid vibes once and awhile, this mix is DEEP, TRIBAL & ROLLIN’….

    track selection is SPOT ON, mixing is FANTASTIC…. the whole vibe is kept up throughout the mix, its like a journey to a rainforest on the moon inhabited by aliens in headdresses dancing around totem poles…. =)

    as a side note, the mariachi track by lynx & malibou rhodes sounds different than the one marcus intalex dropped some time back, must be a new mixdown it sounds so clean and fantastic!

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