Felix K. – Collected Memories Pt.2 11/2010

Felix K. (Hidden Hawaii)© Lena Freitag

info: soundcloud.com/flxk1

Up next is probaly a 12″ on Darkestral. a 12″ on Beaten Track and a 12″ on Drop Records that is a new sub label of Alphacut Records. Hopefully i manage to finish a few tracks that have been promised to other labels as well. I have also started a deep house project with a friend from Berlin, so expect more and more house and techno from Felix K in the future. (Full interview at organicbeats.co.uk)

Another lesson in early jungle by jack of all trades – Felix K. Check out part 1 if you like this. Earn 1000 oldschool credits if you can do a tracklist for this. ;)

11 thoughts on “Felix K. – Collected Memories Pt.2 11/2010

  1. Thanks for doing a follow up felix, the first was excellent and I’m looking forward to another chance to be absolutely shit at identifying old tunes :-)

  2. Tune at 55:30 is awesome & familiar (vintage metalheadz, surely?) but otherwise every single one of these is new to me. Very educational mix. Cheers Felix!

  3. Bugger, it wasn’t metalheadz- it’s renegade hardware; Future Forces- Dead By Dawn. What a brilliant track.

  4. Big one !
    oldschool but not the usual stuff you can find on every sampler !
    thought about 24:50 is something from Good Looking, but not sure…

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