Felix K – Collected Memories Pt.1 24/03/2010

Felix K. (Hidden Hawaii)© Lena Freitag

info: myspace.com/flxk1, soundcloud.com/flxk1

100 oldschool credits for people who know all classic tunes in this mix

Felix K (Hidden Hawaii, 31 Records, Beaten Track) with a special treat for the breaksblog crew. Assorted gems from back in the day selected and mixed smoothly and sophisticated. Check out Felix Ks alter-ego Purified Soul on soundcloud.com. Don’t sleep on this one.

23 thoughts on “Felix K – Collected Memories Pt.1 24/03/2010

  1. really wonderful memories also poping in my head when listening to such great music!!!

    let the beat controll your body
    do not resist the beat
    that thing will kill you fast


  2. i think I can safely say I utterly fail the old school test- I only recognize stonekiller and down under on this mix. the rest of these tunes I don’t think I’ve ever heard! nice little history lesson…

  3. …and this is not like the usual mixes, compilations featuring only the biggest tunes ! So big respect Felix K !

  4. Super Teil, da hat jemand schon lange Zeit gesammelt.
    Ich möchte zumindest ein Oldschool-Credit: Ich meine einen Tune von a Guy called Gerald herausgehört zu haben.

  5. “Its great music, but is this really Drum & Bass?”

    One of the best comments on breaksblog.


  6. Felix K is quality :)
    This mix needs a re upload. Missed this the first time around.

  7. Somebody must have it. Please be a kind soul and upload it somewhere. Would be much appreciated

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