DJ Blade – ONE7SIX Podcast Session 2 24/11/2010

DJ Blade


Here is Session Number 2 of DJ Blades ONE7SIX Podcast. Part one and forthcoming ones are to be found at right here. A 12″ Album Sampler featuring “Massachusetts” and “Do You Know Who I Am?” of his debut LP “Moments That Change Us” on Telluric Records has just hit the stores and the rest of the album should be out there very soon. So so sweet and flavoursome tuneage, don’t miss!

Blade – free form dub
Blade – surviving what you know dub
Blade – warm embrace dub
Blade – book’em danno dub
Blade – groove pool dub
Blade – everything lost dub
Unknown – return to dreamworld (respin) dub
Blade – moments & memorys dub
Blade – loving you today dub
Blade & MJT – carlino dub
Blade – the theme dub
Blade – letters of goodbye dub
Soultec & Blade – untitled dub

9 thoughts on “DJ Blade – ONE7SIX Podcast Session 2 24/11/2010

  1. Definitely will grab it when i come back home, as Blade’s July studio mix is still one of my favourite mixes this year.
    Any chances for a mirror for a part one? Somehow I missed it.

  2. Second Half of the set is simply Awsome!!! never heard your nick before but this made your name to me! Looking forward for new releases!!!!
    Cheers Equus

  3. The last Blade mix on here was great and I really like this one too. Keep them coming!

    Whist the likes of Netsky, Camo & Krooked etc. have their heyday, it’s very reassuring to see that people are still making the good old-fashioned, atmospheric beats that I love so much. Long may it continue.


  4. anyone still has this? since pt 3 is online pt 2 is down.. what a pitty – reupload bizness pls pls?!

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