Fabio – Live on Radio1 21/07/2007

Fabio bbc radio 1xtra

This Friday night into Saturday morning, Fabio back on the decks!

host: newmixes.com | info: bbc.co.uk/radio1/fabioandgrooverider

Commix – ‘Be True’ (Metalheads)
Q Project –‘2 Little 2 Late’ (2007 Mix) (CIA)
Zero T ft. Steo – ‘The Sea’ (White)
Alex Perez – ‘Vanguard’ (Shogun)
Furney – ‘Mankind’ (Good Lookin’)

1xtra & Radio 1 D&B Top Ten
Jonny L – ‘Back To Your Roots’ (Friction & K.Tee Remix) (Shogun)

Jonny L – ‘Oh Yeah’ (Shogun)
High Contrast – ‘If We Ever’ (Hospital)
Unknown – ‘Unknown’ (White)
Chase & Status – ‘Hurt U’ (RAM)

Lynx – ‘Disco Dodo’ (Creative Source)
Gary Howard – ‘Freak like Me’ (White)
Commix – ‘Strictly’ (Metalheads)

Zero T ft. Steo – ‘Inside Man’ (White)

Fabio in the Mix
Calibre – ‘Ringtone’ (Signature)
Icicle – ‘Reflection’ (White)
Heist – ‘Don’t Understand’ (White)
Random Movement – ‘Believe No Other’ (Innerground)
Genesis – ‘Ill Skillz’ (White)
C.A.B.L.E. – ‘New Infection’ (Innerground)
Marky & A.I. – ‘Shame’ (Innerground)
Furney & Herrils – ‘Like That’ (White)

James Mason – ‘Sweet Power Your Embrace’ (Soul Brother)

22 thoughts on “Fabio – Live on Radio1 21/07/2007

  1. The Unknown – Unknown in the first hour is Nu:tone – beatnik If I remmeber rightly. I know it is nu:tone anyway.

  2. sorry, i freakin HATE justin timberlake, but this steo character sounds like a poor mans JT ;) sorry, high pitched male vocals aren’t my bag…

    HOWEVER, its all about DISCO DODO! inventive little number that is, it works so well in my opinion…. lynx workin that magic touch he has ;)

  3. after the one or another of the last Fabio mixes here were a bit of a let down to me, this one is a true smasher again.. big up!

  4. Could anybody tell me what that track @ 25 min is???

    its melody is taken from a Hiphop-track of Jaylib, its called “The Red”

  5. I’ve heard this ‘disco dodo’ tune on another mix months ago somewhere.. no idea what mix, but I’ve heard it before definitely! Love the horns sample..

  6. eZ fabio,,,, vary very very SeT miX…..

    São Paulo connected !

    Big Up´s.

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