Boj Lucki – BiOS Promo Mix 07/2007

Boj Lucki

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This month our free mix features a special studio mix from BOJ LUCKI (MIR Rec/Sweden) who brings you many exclusive tunes from around the world which include forthcoming music from T Power, Muffler, Digital, and Theory… to name but a few… enjoy!

A Heap of Dubs covering all Styles breathless and tightly mixed by Boj Lucki of MIR Records. Also watch out for more monthly Mixes @ Bios Records.

Resound – Paralell paths (Dub)
Breakage – Clarendon (DSB Dub)
Digital – B.U.R.N.Y (Dub)
Mos Def – Panties / Dnb bootie (Dub)
Amaning – Temptations (Prestige Music Dub)
Muffler – Demons (Moving Shadow Dub)
Stunna, Release, Sol.ID & Amaning – Can’t Get U Off My Mind (BIOS Dub)
Theory – Pictures, shapes & paterns (Dub)
Kaleb – Promice me (BIOS DUB)
Marco & HSD – Imperial Dub (Dub)
MIR Crew – Children of dub (Dub)
Visionary – Hustlin (DSB Dub)
Soundclash vs Buju Banton – Over me (Dirtydubs Dub)
Uknown – Unknow track (Dub)
T Power – Streets on fire (Dub)
NJC – Ting Woy (MIR Dub)
Digital, Lutin & Generic – Fantasy (Function Dub)
John Oil – Creator Dub (MIR Dub)
Coldjazz & Wezzler – All I can (Dub)
Potenial Badboy – Hot Girls (Ganja Dub)
Potenial Badboy – Gangsta (Ganja Dub)
Mishko – Distorted stings (Dub)
Jamal – Earth (Dub)
0=0 – You are my angel (MIR Dub)
Theory – Look pon dis (MIR Dub)
Million Stylez – Miss Fatty / Ljudas & Boj Lucki Amen remix (Dub)

30 thoughts on “Boj Lucki – BiOS Promo Mix 07/2007

  1. sadly he seems to have caught the dnb-disease for a while now:

    “look how amazing i am! i can play a set full of dubs!!!”

    what made some of his previous mixes cool was, that you could hear he spent some thoughts on selection, how to build up a vibe, which tunes to drop together … that´s what makes a dj great.

    now you can imagine him: “nah … cant play that choon, been released last week …”

    unfortunately this works for many dnb-heads. nobody´s listening anymore.

  2. @ the all seeing ei:

    I think what Boj did is great… he’s a labelowner and he’s supported this by playing upcoming tracks from his label and artists on his label, he’s also included some forthcoming tracks from BIOS, for whom he made this mix. I personally don’t know what youre on about… criticizing someone for playing mainly upfront/unreleased tracks… that’s basically all I do myself and I don’t see anyone really getting bent out-of-shape about it. Go whine somewhere else.

  3. @ stunna:

    a label showcase would be different, but it clearly isn´t one.

    sorry, i just cant stand this “being upfront”-attitude in dnb anymore, if it´s all, a mix is about.

    the dnb-scene is way too self-referential and playing “dubs only” is one symptom of this.

    really loved some of his older mixes, but most of this is plain boring.

    and for your “go whine somewhere else”: i post wherever i want to. if you cant stand criticism, fanboy, get off the web.

  4. @ the all seeing ei
    100% ack.
    but 100% apart from that: most of this mix is plain boring indeed.

  5. @ Stunna:

    I’m one of your biggest supporters and always dload mixes you’ve thrown up here on Breaksblog and MySpace.

    You do an awesome job of supporting unreleased material – the Lenzman mix just killed – and as soon as that stuff gets pressed, people like me are on it to follow up the support and buy vinyl.

    I think what the all seeing ei is trying to say is it’s frustrating to see artists play dubs and dubs only, especially when some of that material is never gonna make it to vinyl. Maybe I’m wrong though, he could be pissed off for some completely different reason.

    If it is that, then it’s different from what you do. You help out artists that need the support and have talent. But most names on the tracklist are already established and don’t need it.

    I don’t care when there’s a mix full of dubs cause I know it’s gotta feel good to reach that level of respect as a DJ and get unreleased material from other artists. I’m just always hoping that I can at least get 1-2 tracks that I really want from it :D

  6. listend twice to the mix on the way to work and think its great
    sure u can like a mix or not, but people (riomx and the seeing ei) your replys are just too much lol
    your getting out of ideas. your criticism its pathetic!

  7. Alright, I don’t mind a dub-only mixtape, especially when it’s a promo mix. :P But at some points the switches did sound a bit messy melody-wise, like maybe there wasn’t enough thought put into the mix. I agree with the all seeing ei to this extent. Does this mean Boj has the dnb disease that the a.s.e. talked about? That’s probably too harsh a judgment.

    The tracks are still in the leading role here, let’s not forget about them. Hustlin, Everyman has a right 2007, Ting Woy, Creator, Gangsta, Distorted stings.. many sweet tracks here.

  8. First, I don’t think that cat knows who Stunna is.

    Second, I do know the white label craze. (not everything is an actual dub or even analogue) But well known DJs commonly use new material if they can get their hands on it letting you know whats forthcoming. The dismay of white label craze applies more to the teenage punter who doesn’t even want to hear anything else. As teenagers do, they buy into hype. If its got artwork and its on the shelf, forget about it. Often times these guys take things out of the hands of someone who will actually play the tune out. I personally wait for artwork now-a-days, if I can help it, but complaining that a established DJ or Producer is using whites is retarded. You should be complaining about the pimple faced bedroom DJ preventing the forthcoming material from becoming well known.

  9. PS, its not like you don’t have the F’n track list. What is being done here is clear to anyone with some common sense instead of that common self-important know-it-all elitist blow hard attitude and its common gripes. Hasn’t that kind of outlook gotten old?

  10. or ;)

    Ifronchrxuction – Metafix / Tech itch remix (Dub)


    David “Soulatic” Britso – Love is inside you (Hospital Dub)


    Trizzo – Hubby-bubby Bass (Valve dub)

  11. put it this way:

    the more effort you put into promoting yourself, connecting to producers/labels/djs, the more access you gain to unreleased material.

    then it get´s quite tempting to build a mix just upon the fact, that the tracks included haven´t been heard before too often. if they clash- who cares – they´re brand-nu!

    what i liked about his previous mixes (mentioned above) i cannot find in this mix. maybe he just had a bad day, who knows.

    dubplate biz is fatal for dnb because it has always been partially about some strange artistocracy. in a scene so small and widely unimportant as dnb that´s pretty ridiculous. peeps would rather concentrate on getting the music on, than playing these games of exclusiveness.

    @riomx: fair point. but if you teach the teens that a major quality criterion for a mix is the amount of dubplates in it, this behaviour is no surprise. and you teach exactly that, if most of the established djs tend to play dubs-only mixes. that´s why those teens dont stand at their decks and practice but browse soulseek all night to get the latest rips.

    @cordani: you´re surely one of those who want everything for free, download 10 mixes a week and listen to them once or twice, but pile them up until your hd is completely crammed.
    how much money did you spend on music this month? any?

  12. the dub things is good, verry good. BUT its like standing outside a bakery and not beeing allowd to buy the fresh bread. its kind of mouth watering!. with so much good tunes beeing played in these sets and just floating around as dubs can be little silly, but doing vinyls isnt for free. and the labels that we are talking about isnt Virgin or Sony. so releasing 10 pices of 12 inches each week isnt realy working ( i guess ) and in cause of that i think the dubplate hype allongside the new technology with internet and cdr djing is making ( in some part) the tunes and the music reaching out to peoples hungry ears way to early before the actual ( if ever ) planed release. it creats some kind of gap between the “regualar” vinyl byers and those who get the dubs. in some way the music trend is developing to fast compared to the vinyl making. hyped dubs are way to fast geting labeld as somthing old and when they are released some people seems to think, UH- this tune, shiet man i used run around listening to this in the spring time and NOW its fall, i cant buy this vinyl. i take something else that i havent listend so much to. wich is kind of bad for the record buissness, but on the otherside. the net and all the goooood mixxxes makes all of us very happy! it does the trick for me!

  13. “Often times these guys take things out of the hands of someone who will actually play the tune out.”

    Not every bedroom DJ is somehow “stealing” music from people who have a higher chance of playing out.

    I live in a place where the DNB crowd is exclusive as all hell and there’s no room for anyone to break in, regardless of whether they’re more talented or not. The same people play week in, week out, and whenever a headliner comes in. There’s never a new face, and it’s been like that for years. Also, the dominant sound in this place is noise and clownstep with the rare occasional liquid night.

    I buy vinyl and support upcoming artists like Atlantic Connection, Lenzman and Submorphics as much as I can. And when I do get the chance to play out, whether it’s here or when I fly back home to visit friends (where there’s more support for a deep and liquid dnb scene), I play those tunes.

    Everyone’s a DJ these days, and there’s not enough slots for everyone in any city. If someone like me has good taste and stays on top of new releases and gets the tune before you, and doesn’t play it out for months, that’s too bad. It’s my money and I eat, live and breathe DNB, so I’ll buy whatever I want.

  14. The problem with internet is that everybody seems to have to have an opinion about things and when people don´t have much to say they end up having really strange opinions. There´s so much hating and strange critisim going that it is just silly.

    If you listen to a mix or a track, in what way is it important if that track is released or not? Do you hear it differently after it has been released? If you listen to music for other reasons than what it sounds like then something is wrong.

    As many of you have said, the real problem is the gap in time between that a track has been heard in a mix until that you can buy it.

  15. I see many problems, all things that have concerned me over my years of listening to/attending dnb events.

    Firstly though word up the all seeing ei for straight talking clear words.

    Its good to hear some one raising valid points about aspects of the scene
    in a reasonable, precise way instead or spewing some B.S. that reveals you are just jealous of not having a mix posted here or are feeling left out cause no ones listening to your mixes.

    There seems to be a lot of people frequenting this site who are above, over or at least sufficiently removed/detached enough from the dnb scene/game to be somewhat objective but still genuinely passionate and informed about the sound so one thinks/can see this is a good place to talk @ these issues.

    I have to agree with riomx about the almost totalitarian establishment of tight knit closed ranks type dnb ‘crews’ in many cities around the world and unless you are actually talking about my city where this is totally the case then I know that it must be the same in so many countries the world over.

    A crew gets a name for itself and proceeds to forget about 75% of dnb and ends up specializing in noize and clown step.

    Someone else before made the point that dnb is a very small scene in a global sense.

    This is what creates this arrogance and eventual ignorance in local DJs/scene heads (not to mention internat. DJs) who seem to think they are legends in their own right after putting on several successful gigs merely because they perceive themselves to be doing something highly original within their societies music scenes.

    Some form of turntable-ism has been going on as we all know since the late 70s early 80s and will quite poss. continue for as long as people are alive.

    As for dub plate fever/hype/bullshit etc…WHATEVER FLOATS YOUR BOAT.

    If you need that ego bolster/association with some in crowd then good for you but I like what 4 Hero said on some youtube dnb doco that it aint about dubs its about making the music and getting it out there!

    THE MUSIC IS THE FOCUS not some abstract notion of where you stand on some imaginary pecking order.

    The other thing that annoys me is that this rush rush rush new new new dubs dubs dubs attitude totally allows one to overlook ALL THE TIMELESS DNB ALREADY IN EXISTENCE resulting in as people are saying here – DJs & listeners who are not listening properly but are ADHD like just itching for the “new dubs” or what ever that means anymore.

    Im not dissing the creative evolution/motion of dnb music with new tracks being made all the time, all Im saying is that there is so much good dnb out there already.

    With this existing dnb so many possible combinations are going to be made/found.

    Peeps need to remember once your collection gets to a certain size you may never put 2 records together the same let alone again in your life!


    I like how people here are focusing on looking out for mixes that the DJ has put alot of thought into & constructed well.

    Blended like a craftman.


    Exactly the opposite you’d think of some high profile DJs and their selection criteria or lack there of.

    I guess often playing to crowds of people “open” on drugs would make it hard given peeps in such a state respond in some way (usually “positively” to the DJ at least) to what ever you play.

    So many established international “Top 40” dnb DJs of today and the past have alot to answer for esp. producer/DJs i.e. Why are all clubs so fucking loud that the physics of the room/speaker set up/relationship defy a decent music listening experience?

    E.g. far too much sound for the size of the room.

    And shitty E.Qing

    And shitty old rigs.

    Whos meant to be listening to the music anyway?

    The people who paid for the tickets and are in the room or people three blocks away?

    The only answer I know to peeps requiring such sound is big sound = big space = out doors.

    Why do so many international DJs. focus on noize & clown step in the face of having such a possibility to play/represent mature, well produced beautiful dnb?

    And finally the ego centric role of the DJ themselves esp. if they are some bloated ego maniac/pandered to as being “super special” by the masses – this is pathetic.

    These “THE ONE LIKE DJ CLANGER” and “THE MIGHTY DJ TRAINWRECK” are “normal” people like you and I with some one they call Mum & Dad even if they do spend their weekends on a stage surrounded by tough looking guys with big chains @ their necks.

    This may not occur to/worry anyone else but I find it humorous and depressing in the way a high schools jock and nerds/cool and uncool social strata exists and are instantly rendered meaningless when you are outside them.

    Many peeps in many turntable & mic music oriented scenes just need to chill & be a little more open, receptive, empathetic and relaxed and not so self conscious/centered and arrogant just because they have lots of records and can some times mix them together well.

    Dev Paradox did a good thing recently on here talking over records he loves @ why he loves them at Ichi One in Holland.

    No mixing just playing them end to end and talking about them & over them.


    Not even queueueueueing them up.


    Humble, honest and passionate.

    A bit of spiritual morale/morals for all these modern psuedo Jah Rastafarians out there.

    “Keep it real”

  16. Well… Boj is getting more and more on point each day. Unfortunetly there aint that much great jungle coming out atm but luckjly there are ppl like Boj still diggin out the stuff to keep headz happy!

    Sry if this aint enough for you few… and give us a good example then.

  17. dj silence – i appreciate the sentiment but let’s keep it real your post is a bit off on some points, and I agree with some of the others quite a bit (you actually sound exactly like someone i know). One example being, I LOVE Paradox but he’s the furthest thing from humble and he admits that, so him talking over tracks and queing them is part of his bravado, which can work and certainly does work for him but it’s all part of the game, and not a humility issue.

    BOJAN’s mix however rules. I don’t really listen to that type of drum n bass but bojan delivers the straight goods party all the time vibe. I think it’s ludicrous to judge a label owner and promoter about his use of dubs in a mix. I listen to dj sets not only for the mixing but also for tunes I haven’t been able to hear yet, I want to listen to how they are contextualized and what’s gonna be coming out. A lot of those are also affiliates with his label/night so why wouldn’t he showcase them? Ok enough with the beating horse dead business.

  18. I dont know Paradox personally so was just reacting to what I percieved to be a refreshingly positive, unegotistical, straight up attitude. It was however a audio recording so admittedly some context is missing but…..your knowledge/take on it may also just reinforce my idea of the inherent egotism of DJ culture.

    As for the dubplate fever/culture I was only using this particular thread as I felt it to be a good place to air some of MY views about what I perceived to be negative aspects of the said obsession about dubs and other ego, hierarchy oriented aspects of the dnb scene in general not in anyway aimed at all towards Bojan.

    I have not listened to his mix and have no problem with him telling us which tracks are dubplates and which are not.

    Big ups to you Bojan for doing your thing.

    Cheers for your input/reply magdalena o! [raise cain]

    I would like to talk more about some of the other points that you find off the mark as well as some of the ones you agree with.

    As for the scene being a game or life in general being a game I would have to disagree here personally as a game to me implies rules, conventions and grim/desperate competition all things I dislike as they seem to bring out undesirable qualities in people inevitably.

    Maybe thats to serious and my whole take of this thread is too serious but hey – I like to think why? and am glad I sound like someone you know as I know people who agree with me so its good to know there are a few of us about eh? : P

    Peace Bojan, magdalena o! [raise cain] – hopefully you reply! if you should so desire.

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