Fabio feat. Mc Bassman & Mc Conrad @ Amazon vs. Kool FM 1995


Back in time again, its Fabio playing some wonderful tunes on this recording from back in 1995. Classic! This one should appeal even to those who didnt like the probably most commented set in BB history. Picture taken from the Fabio Interview @ Timeout London late 2007.

Tracklist anyone?

23 thoughts on “Fabio feat. Mc Bassman & Mc Conrad @ Amazon vs. Kool FM 1995

  1. Looking foward to this one……got a load of Quest and Amazon tapes somewhere….. and they are some classic shit

    Might have to dig em out for the masses ; )

    We need a Mickey Finn Bassman quest mix up here….preferably the one where Mr Finn Blows the System when he rinses it out….

    Hold tight Mafia
    In the Corna
    Lighter crew flash it up…..
    Sense the danger

    Bassman with some tales of the street….

  2. wikid mix! start at a tracklist with obvious ones really…

    5.Roni Size – It’s A Jazz Thing (Ladies Mix)
    7. Just Jungle – Sky
    9. LTJ Bukem – Horizons
    10.Alex Reece – Pulp Fiction

  3. …. the Bukem last track is:

    Source Direct – Different Groove (or the flip) – Odysee Records

  4. Here’s a stab at the Fabio set…
    1 ?
    2 ?
    3 Wax Doctor or Alex Reece I think
    4 Roni Size – Its a Jazz Thing – V
    5 Sub Sequence – ? – Tooz Up Records
    6 Just Jungle – Sky – Trouble on Vinyl
    7 Mystic Moods – ? – Mystic Moods
    8 Bukem – Horizons – Looking Good
    9 Alex Reece – Pulp Fiction – Metalheadz

  5. Does anybody know if this was from amazon(near brum somewherezz)place was wicked till it got shut down…heavyweight bass..

  6. yep, I used to have all the mixtapes of that night. Bukem & Fabio were the best ones out of the lot. I still have this, and it’s Conrad on this mix too.

    somewhere in the beginning an Alex Reece tune gets the rewind too

  7. what a classic.. big up 95!

    done a lil diggin in my records:

    2 Big Bud – Faceless – Underdog
    3 Alex Reese – Basic Principles (Alex Reese Reprieve) – Metalheadz

    no.1?? someone pls??!

    nah ease up..

  8. prime time fabio…sublime, as always. minus that pikey mc chatting breeze in the -luckily far- background. I’m sure fabio wasn’t too pleased either…

    Track 2 is Faceless by Big Bud (Underdog Records)

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