Mark OD feat. Zero Tolerance @ 02/2008

Zero Tolerance


The ATM Magazine show returns on, presenting man of the moment Zero Tolerance. This show sees ATM Editor Mark OD dropping some of the best drum and bass music around, while Zero T drops in for a chat and a heavyweight, not-to-be-missed mix.

Very good show feat. an interview and guestmix by the mighty Zero Tolerance. Watch out for the forthcoming LP on CIA. Mind that the first 5 mins of this recording are some big rave advertising which i think is totally hillarious … Make sure to skip that if youre easily appalled tho. Thanks to Mark OD for the heads up!

1. Zyon Base & Hobzee – Rain On Lens – Dub
2. Alix Perez & Lynx – Allegiance – Soul:R
3. Jonny L – Come Here – Mr L

Zero Tolerance Mix
1. ZT ft STEO – Long Distance (Dub)
2. Calibre – Suddenly (Signature Dub)
3. Lemon D – I Cant Stop (Zero T Rmx) (V Dub)/ Missy v Nu:Tone – Work it (TEASE)
4. Zero T – Essential Inch (Integral Dub)
5. Calibre – Hard Times (Dub)
6. Zero T ft STEO – Walk Away (CIA LP SAMPLER A)
7. Zero T ft STEO – Original R (CIA LP SAMPLER Aa)
8. Dillinja – Sky (Zero T Remix) (V Dub)
9. Zero T v Bailey – Robots (CIA LP Dub)
10. Zero T v Logistics – The Love She Needs (Dub)

4. Verse – Space & Time – Crunch
5. Amaning vs Sol ID – Sudden Def
6. Minotaur – World Beyond – Med School
7. Icicle – Late Night – Critical
8. Saburuko – Find A Lover – Integral

26 thoughts on “Mark OD feat. Zero Tolerance @ 02/2008

  1. on it like glitter on a beach in thailand.

    breaksblog truly is manna from heaven.

    praise da lord

  2. Bigup! thanks for this one.

    Zero tolerance fuckin’ rocks!!!
    This guy is so damn good, can’t wait for his forthcomming releases.


  3. Missy v Nu:Tone – Work it ………. this bootleg needs to be released!!!

    Zero T is defo on top of the game. Huge talent :)

  4. Heya Mark OD / Zero Tolerance,

    Great mix, great tracks, and thank you for playing one of mine.

    Hit me up on aim Ive got new bits.

    A: MinotaurNo1



  5. Calibre ‘Hard Times’…Great Tune! Cant wait for Calibre new album!

    Big up from Ṣo Paulo РBrazil.

  6. Im interested in behind the scenes story of Zero Tolerance switching to the name Zero T
    otherwise, big up for pure quality

  7. hi everyone,

    thanks for the positive comments on the show, glad you enjoyed it

    think Zero T just for convenience, less letters on flyers etc

    will be in touch sol:id and minotaur

    thanks also to Tim for hosting


  8. on the last intabeats bailey was talkin about zero t’s name. apparently he was quite an angry youth, so picked the name zero tolerance. now that he’s mellowed out abit he’s change ‘tolerance’ to ‘t’. i think thats wat he said anyway?;)?

  9. hey guys thanks for the tips. now.. does anyone else find the fact that dillinja actually let someone remix one of his tunes BIG?

  10. what a great morning, puting on alix perez and zero t´s refusal and again realasing how god GOOD dnb is and then getting on the breaksblog and finding this!

  11. haha on the comercial- dresscode is casual, but no caps or hats are allowed. BOOYAAKKAA!

  12. Zero T & STEO – Long Distance
    Saburuko – Find a Lover

    That did it for me…Incredible…

  13. Great mix and I actually love the little “it’s your birthday” freestyle. Hillarious!

  14. 5. Amaning vs Sol ID –The Chosen- Sudden Def

    Big tune! Wicked in the mix. Big ups Dave and Tom!

  15. Possible explanations for the switch to Zero T:
    He only drinks coffee.
    He DJs shirtless.
    He’s an old school golfer.

    I’ll get my coat.

  16. That Nu:tone track is Jazm, Nu:tone used to rinse that version. But was released with out the missy vocal

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