Elle Rollo – Moods & Grooves Mix 06/2007

Elle Rollo

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Elle Rollo is back with another summerish, funk and soul drenched Mix, featuring some golden oldies aswell as some unreleased bits.

Mos Def – The Panties (geffen)
Mutt – Advanced Money (breakbeat science)
Brother & Elle Rollo – Something special (dub)
Calibre – Twister (31 records)
Peixe Krew feat. Cybass – Living in this world (dub)
Makoto – Waiting (good looking)
Concept & Shnek – Water Theme (IT dub)
Mistical – Swing time (soul:r)
Primary Motive – Who has the Jazz ? (crse)
Ill Logic & Raf – De-Lirium (dzr)
Zero Tolerance – Refusal (integral)
Logistics – Last Years Loss (hospital)
Stunna & Switch – Together (dub)
SpectraSoul – III Note Soul (shogun)
Hiten – Endless (dub)
Ill Logic & Raf – In Vain (bingo)
Nu tone feat. Ernesto – Up & Down (hospital)

50 thoughts on “Elle Rollo – Moods & Grooves Mix 06/2007

  1. massiv … def building yourself a rep for high quality on the liquid tip…….. when you gonna tour Perth….. haha ;) would be good to see u come down here as headline…. keep it rolling…..

  2. haven’t heard it yet… but i’m sure its smooth as can be… This one will be today ‘s metro listening :) big ups

  3. what a tune!!!
    Peixe Krew feat. Cybass – Living in this world (dub)

    Brazilian boys smashing!!!

  4. ah, the mysterious figure known as ‘brother’ makes an appearance along side the DJ himself on a track….. should be good. anyone know anymore info on this cat they call ‘brother’ ? he had some fucking amazing tunes that fabio played in his past couple shows ! all about ‘untitled jazz’ !!!

  5. Rolling Brother Rollo im on the DL ! Sure to be good

    Swing Time.. Twister WTF ?!?! YES!

    Something Special 4 sho !

  6. It’s consistently quality mixes like this and others by Rollo that quite frankly embarrass ‘producers’ who think just because they make tunes they are entitled to headline drum and bass club nights. I would rather direct my fiver to nights where I can hear a decent rinse as opposed to hearing the latest dubs clanged together badly. There are not enough people in this industry who make a name for themselves through there mixing abilities (foremost) rather than the tunes they knock out. Enough nob sucking. Pon d d/l!

  7. “Hiten – Endless” is a kind of rip-off of “Duo Infernale – Another Dimension”.

  8. Peixe Krew feat. Cybass – Living in this world! niceness! anyone knows the name of the sample tune?? its an rnb or hiphop tune from the mid 90s

    nice mix

  9. nice one!

    Absolutely dig the “brother” tune! Great oldschool vibes!
    Are there releases scheduled for “brother”??

  10. Ez. Thanks everyone for the feedback, hosting and to the producers for sorting me with some nice exclusives.

    The tune with brother is something we did for fun as we were vibing over a few samples & loops. He engineered the whole thing and I had some creative input with samples, arrangement etc etc….

    Defo look out for Brother – a talented cat no doubt. He has a few bits forthcoming and alot of superb music unsigned. Check his myspace page for more info :-)

  11. woooot!

    pure vibes as usual man!
    hope alles gehts gut over there in Deutschland!
    much repects ;)

    love the exclusives btw ;)

  12. any1 got any new patife bassline or ne sambass etcccccccc. please post relaly appreciate

  13. Zero Tolerance – Refusal (integral)
    SpectraSoul – III Note Soul (shogun)

    Thanks for yet another sweet mix Mr Rollo.

  14. Rollo, from the your biggest russian fan you are gratest Maximum respect make more more more

  15. Ez rollo diggin the vibes 4sure….any release info on peike kru ? a reply would be much appreciated….Big up

  16. Nice! I really like it, been listening to it for the past 2 days straight.

  17. WOW! This is first in a very long time that I was able to listen to a mix all the way through, I absolutely love it! Big props to you….

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