Kasra – Keep It Critical DOA Mix 07/2007


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2007 sees the label owner putting his A&R skills to the ultimate test with the first Critical album project. Out this Autumn The All Sounds Electric album will feature such luminaries as Break, Silent Witness, Calibre, Dkay and more..

Label owner and DJ Kasra from London bringing you the deepest cuts in high quality.

Check the Interview on DOA.

Logistics – Lithium – Hospital
Break – Ringing Ears – Commercial Suicide
Commix – Satellite Type 2 – Headz
Lomax – Bad Cop – Critical
Icicle – Late Nights – Critical
Commix – Faceless Intalex Mo Bass Rmx – Shogun Audio
Commix – Bellvue – Headz
Icicle – Shadows Of Tomorrow – Critical
Break – Timeline – Critical
Break – Cold Sweat – Critical
C4c – Never Acid Again – C4c Recordings
Break – Untitled – Critical
Logistics – Wide Lens – Hospital
Lomax – Innocent X – Critical
Bungle – The Fugue – Cia
Cyantific & Kasra – Outer Limits – Critical
Subfocus & Brookes Bros – Late Run – Ram/Bbs
Bungle – Too Late Logistics & Kasra Vip – Critical
Logistics – Ram Raid – Hospital
Break – The Drone – Symmetry
Break – Submerged Teebee & Calyx Rmx – Subtitles

29 thoughts on “Kasra – Keep It Critical DOA Mix 07/2007

  1. hmm and again, i think ive found the problem :) its called trying to juggle amongst servers, because no one will donate to keep dnbshare running ! seen !
    *thinks he will have to shut it down soon, sigh*

  2. very unremarkable tunes imo, but i quite enjoyed this mix, and im still listening after 50 minutes.., very odd

  3. this tracklist is OUT OF CONTROL

    this is the best set since the goldie essential mix!!

  4. This was the sorta mix ide been waitin to hear 4 ages!! Just like a supermodel…..all the best bits in just the right places….(i.e. all over). So sick and fat there aint a doctor in the world gonna cure this one!!!

  5. OHH man, really lookin’ forward to the album!!! Can’t come soon enough.

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