Doc Scott – Studio Mixes 2009 Part 10

Doc Scott & Marcus Intalex


Doc Scott delivering his mixes faster than myself updating this site. One of the best episodes right here, more than 2K downloads via soundcloud already …

00:00 – Consequence – Lime Green – [Exit]
05:00 – Icicle & Rockwell – Resources [Dub]
09:15 – Skeptical – Offline [31 dub]
13:37 – Raiden, Brandon Miles & Tricky Pat – Scuber Diver [Offkey]
17:32 – Kasra – Dependency [Critical]
21:20 – Alix perez – State 808 [Shogan]
25:24 – Rockwell – Shards [Hardware]
30:27 – Consequence ft D-bridge – Life is timing [Exit]
35:35 – Instra:Mental – No Fututre (ASC Remix)
38:42 – Loxy & Genotype – Blackout [Cylon]
43:51 – Digital & Outrage – Veta [Dub]
45:40 – Sam KDC – Truth be told [Dub]
50:24 – Survival ft Cristina Nicola – Secrets [AT006]
55:05 – Lenzman – Take it back [31 dub]
58:00 – Calibre – unknown [Dub]
62:20 – Skeptical – Could this be [31 dub]
68:30 – Rockwell – Snare Drum Awareness [D Sboy]
73:50 – Seba – Dangerous Days [Warm communications]

31 thoughts on “Doc Scott – Studio Mixes 2009 Part 10

  1. perhaps doc should do an online radio show on bassdrive or something?

    the sounds he is pushing are not really my cup of tea, but i throroughly enjoyed his set and enthusiasm when he played down at a bunch of cuts a couple of weeks back.

  2. that is still the perfect sound ! this is total science ! doc scott is banging !

  3. Doc is the only big DJ to give you some response when you send a track in, for that reason alone this mix gets my attention.

    Others its like you’re sending to a machine and dealing with a machine

  4. Is it correct tracklist?
    Because I have heard Survival ft Cristina Nicola – Secrets [AT006] in last Markus Intalex mix and in was definitely another track.

  5. @ Dmitry – it is the same tune that intalex played

    has the vocal that goes: the hours, the minutes, the seconds, the frames play like…etc.

  6. Oh Lord… the ASC remix of No Future is sick… nice one…

    The Kasra bit is really excellent in a non obtrusive way. Great bass work on that one.

    Wicked mix.

  7. wow, there isn’t even a mediocre tune on here…

    Rockwell – Snare Drum Awareness is mental… and the Calibre track is slick.

    Props to Seba with the Blade Runner nod.

    Top work yet again, Scottie.

  8. another gift from Doc, thanks!

    almost got me all the way from 5th & 57th to WTC walking last night, solid…

  9. @ Pipe, that’s a rad image heading downtown on foot with these tunes going.

    The Seba tune is fucking *deep*…

  10. So many quality tracks!

    Rockwell – Shards [Hardware]
    Consequence Ft. D-bridge – Life Is Timing [Exit]
    Lenzman – Take it back [31 Dub]
    Calibre – Unknown [Dub]

    … to name a few.

  11. After all mhm mhm mhm..mixes from last time this is a pure diamond !!!
    Pure quality from first second on, one of the best this year !

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