Skitty – Foundation X Studio Mix 10/2009



Foundation X is the new digital dnb label set up by Skitty. The name foundation X relates to the roots or foundations of the drum n bass sound that are now becoming harder and harder to find amongst the more modern polished and over maximised sounds more present within the scene today. Foundation X will be THE home for the more organic, raw round the edges, sample based dnb.

I am not happy to see this becoming a digital-only label. Expect some well-known dubwise samples and sounds and breaks put together very well. Go and watch Rockers while you are at it.

01. Skitty – Ya Rude – Foundation X
02. Digital – Redhead – Function
03. Skitty – Firetown – Foundation X
04. Morphy – Gunz – Foundation X
05. Loxy & Ink – Artical – Foundation X
06. Double O – Babylon – Foundation X
07. Skitty – Principal – Foundation X
08. Digital – Gateman – Function
09. Skitty – Bad it up – Foundation X
10. Nolige – Fallout – Foundation X
11. Nasty Habits – drumz – (Skitty’s as Natty as i wanna be relick)
12. Equinox – Kill A Sound – Foundation X
13. Morphy – Dead man tell no tales – Offkey
14. King Tubby – Satta.
15. Aswad – Hey Jah Children.

14 thoughts on “Skitty – Foundation X Studio Mix 10/2009

  1. Im one of the new DnB Headz and i personally can’t get enough of the breaks.

    Big up, gonna put this on the old ipOd

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