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The first video mix from DJ FU: showcaseing his quick mixing, slick blending and tight scratching. […]

This videoclip is filmed and edited by Roscoe and one part of the Unorthodox pursuits DVD focusing on the underground music scene in Oxford.

1. blue orchid – whitestripes (high contrast rmx) – xl recordings
2. plastic soul – shy fx – bingo
>> titan – ram trilogy – ram recordings
3. incline – tactile – timeless recordings
4. struggle – unknown error – moving shadow
5. travelin man – syncopix – hospital records
6. feelings – shy fx – digital sound bwoy
7. duppy man – chase and status – bbk
>> baracuda – mist – relove:r
>> nine – badcompany – bc recordings

17 thoughts on “DJ FU – Video Mix

  1. the downloadable file is mp4 and can be viewed with newest itunes,quicktime (alternative) or vlc. the stream is windows media.

    this is entertainment, enjoy.

  2. yeah, he’s havin fun ;)

    nothing special but still entertaining

  3. **FORGET THAT COMMENT*** = GO ON MY SON!!! (dont think much of your yat though , sort that 4 tha next vid yeh)

  4. great video, that man has got it going down well, great format, can add straight to iTunes library.

  5. hey,

    I really enjoyed this (and i hardly ever post)! nice video edit too.


  6. I really enjoyed the tracks on this one. I really dig the style of mixing and been slowly playing around with the turntablist influence in my mixes. Still nowhere as clean and smooth wiht my scratching. Top stuff, FU.

  7. massive shit. i really like to watch the dj doing his work :) wasn’t too long either.. could watch it being interested all the time through the whole video :)

  8. Fu has skill for days. Props to Roscoe to for the video production. Check for info ; )

  9. Played it for me mates sunday afternoon we were bouncin all over the livin room…Props

  10. Nice werk fella. Never been a fan of scratching but u did it for me. I think u should carve urself a niche. Brilliant.!!!!!!!!!!!

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