Intrigue Radio with The Insiders on Passion FM 16/05/2006


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Ben Insiders with another bad looking tracklist. Cheers to Ben for hitting me up with this – Soo many dubs from alot of fav artists atm.

Random Movement – ‘Face 2 Face’ (CDR)
Calibre – ‘True Stories’ (Signature)
Alix Perez – ‘Backlash’ (CDR)
Deep Inc. – ‘Subway’ (CDR)
Unverified – ‘Reflective’ (CDR)
FX909 & Miss Drop – ‘Roads of Sorrow’ (CDR)
Calibre – ‘V Neck’ (Signature)
Alix Perez & Sabre – ‘Solitary Native’ (CDR)
Eveson – ‘Rosemary’ (CDR)
Invaderz – ‘Mainline’ (I.T.)
Random Movement – ‘The Intersection’ (CDR)
The Insiders – ‘Renaissance’ (CDR)
Cambridge 4 – ‘When Pilots Eject’ (Hospital)
Martyn – ‘I am Mental’ (CDR)
Soulproof – ‘Restless’ (CDR)
**The Insiders in the mix**
?? – ‘Nothing is True’ (CDR)
Unverified – ‘Drumz’ (CDR)
Tactile – ‘Aldabra’ (Commix rmx) (Dispatch)
The Insiders – ‘Meltdown’ (Metalheadz)
Alix Perez – ‘Playing Tricks’ (CDR)
Catch 22 – ‘Survival’ (Good Looking)
Commix – ‘See You’ (Metalheadz)
?? – ‘Standing Room Only’ (CDR)

Deep Inc. – ‘Hi-Tek Dreams’ (CDR)

13 thoughts on “Intrigue Radio with The Insiders on Passion FM 16/05/2006

  1. very yummy looking tracklist :p
    looking forward to listening to this one!!

  2. ” i am metal ” martyn rmx forthcomng on offshore i do believe v shortly

  3. a1ix P3r3z & Sabre – ‘Solitary Native’ is a TUNE :-)))))

    …. i love the billy cobham “crosswinds” sample ………smooooooooooth.

  4. Tour De France goes dnb.Heavy rotation with that one!Forthcoming where and when?I guess there is prob with Kraftwerk sample clearence but this one is a must have.Big up from Serbia!

    Keep it movin! ;)

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