Alix Perez – 1Xtra All Star Mix Show 21/12/2008

Alix Perez posing off


This week’s All Star Mix is 2 hours of enormous speaker shaking drum and bass from Pendulum and Alix Perez, recorded at Radio 1’s Big Weekend 2008. Christmas has come early for jungle fans and anyone who likes electronic booty shakin bigness!

Alix Perez alongside Mc Ruthless with a load of good tunes from 2008. via arealfake.

01. Calibre – Alone In A Crowd [SIGNATURE]
02. Alix Perez – Stray [SHOGUN AUDIO]
03. D Bridge Feat Calibre – Ponderosa [EXIT]
04. Nu:Tone Feat Logistics – Trademark [HOSPITAL]
05. Subwave – Think [SHOGUN AUDIO]
06. Calibre – Leave Me [SIGNATURE]
07. System & Phil Source – Fearless [VAMPIRE]
08. SpectraSoul – Buried [31 RECORDS]
09. System – Near Miss [DIGITAL SOUNDBOY]
10. Calibre – Lo Note [SIGNATURE]
11. Alix Perez Feat Lynx And MC Kemo – Dangerous [SOUL:R]
12. Zero T – Essential Inch [INTEGRAL]
13. Break – Headz Up [METALHEADZ]
14. Sabre – Global [SUBTITLES]
15. Silent Witness Feat Break – Dog Soldiers [DNAUDIO]
16. Alix Perez – Genetic [N/A]
17. Commix – Talk To Friend (Break Remix) [METALHEADZ]
18. ??? – ??? [???]
19. Commix & Icicle – Ultraclean [SHOGUN AUDIO]
20. Lynx Feat Kemo – ??? [SOUL:R]

30 thoughts on “Alix Perez – 1Xtra All Star Mix Show 21/12/2008

  1. So glad to get hold of this..I was at the Detonate where this was recorded..too late to hear Perez’s set though. Nice one. Roll on NYE..

  2. This was recorded at Detonate in May and has been broadcasted a few times this year.

    Nice set (Ruthless does well) but the Medium mix from the same month is better.

  3. not much stuff on the tracklist that aint been circulating already for a while now ? will skip this one

  4. This:

    Lekke, December 30, 2008 at 02:48
    Stray. The way I see it, it’s the finest tune released in 2008

  5. p.s. this is a quality mix if you ask me…. bollox to all of you “it aint that fresh” crew…..


  6. Ruthless on point as usual. Been to countless nights where hes been on mic duties and he never fails to impress.

    This was the warm up set for the night, going out on Valve. Does well.

  7. can anybody ID the first track ?? with that voice: “would you like to see what your world looks like??” sounds so familiar

  8. 17. Commix – Talk To Friend (Break Remix) [METALHEADZ]


    looks good! on the download

  9. Jeez,
    On point from both men, tight mixing, sick mic control and nice selections, F the too fresh hot off the press, if it rolls true play it through.

    Peace in 09 to all crew.

  10. thanks snipaz. I’ve been listening to that track nonstop. Calibre rains originality

  11. first tune (before a live mix) is just amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! does anybody know it?????

    first 4 tunes:

    1. ??? – ??? [???] <>
    2. Mistical – Time To Fly [SOUL:RSIG]
    3. ??? – ??? [???]
    4. Commix – Faceless (Marcus Intalex Remix) [SHOGUN AUDIO]
    Live mix started…

  12. That tracklisting is incorrect.

    The track stated as ’13. Break – Headz Up [METALHEADZ]’ is not played at any point.

    The selection goes straight from ‘Essential Inch’ into ‘Global’.

    Hope this helps.

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