Alix Perez – Live @ Medium 21/05/2008

Alix Perez


Here’s Alix Perez’s set from the last Medium, hosted by System & Blackeye… This is a seriously wicked set.

01. Lynx feat Kemo – ??? [SOUL:R]
02. Konflict – Star Trails [AUDIO BLUEPRINT]
03. Subwave – Think [SHOGUN AUDIO]
04. System & Phil Source – ??? [???]
05. M.I:S.T. – Moonwalk [RENEGADE HARDWARE]
06. Calibre – Sokitume [SIGNATURE]
07. Nu:Logic – Trademark [HOSPITAL]
08. Alix Perez & Lynx feat Kemo – Dangerous [SOUL:R]
09. Data – Blowpipe [LUCKY DEVIL]
10. Sabre – Global [SUBTITLES]
11. ???
12. System – Near Miss [DIGITAL SOUNDBOY]
13. Silent Witness & Break – Dog Soldiers [DNAUDIO]
14. Break – Vanishing Point
15. The Upbeats – Panic [SUBTITLES]
16. Break – Headz Up [METALHEADZ]
17. Rockwell – Drums [???]
18. ???

34 thoughts on “Alix Perez – Live @ Medium 21/05/2008

  1. “Year: 2935
    Genre: Cabaret”


    Great tunes, loving it! Big up Alix!

  2. Very very good mix.

    I thought ‘Star Trails’ was a Skynet and Stakka tune from a few years back. Great to hear it again.

    It’s that mix of old and new that makes this good.

  3. understand this groove ;)

    … defo nice to see moonwalk pulled out …one of mist’s finest moments.

  4. Best mix this year!

    And hearing ‘Star Trails’ was wicked. I managed to find a 12 copy after hearing this (like an idiot I have sold my record collection twice!? good to have this back!)

    Good hosting, at a great night, in a great club!

  5. hehe, I would never sell my record collection. The only way that my records would leave me is if they were to get stolen….

    Nice one alix, great mix.

  6. we don’t get enough alix perez heat on this site, we need more like this. i bump these for weeks.


  7. intro tune by lynx & kemo is straight up bristol bizness…. taking golden era fcy sounds to the next level. best dnb tune i have heard in a long long time.

  8. dutty..wicked beats! loving all of it and he DOES need to hit the US..

  9. [Comment ID #435917]

    ez man, this never went out, might be able to dig this out for you tho…drop us a message on myspace (/mediumbeats) and i’ll see what i can do…

    Nice one,

    Fred :o)

  10. 4. System & Phil Source – ??? [???] haha bass bass bass!! whats this!!!!! WHAT IS THIS!

  11. I think I figured out why this set is still the “Most Wanted” on breaksblog. A lot of people that were at Medium when Perez was spinning probably found out that they could download this mental set from breaksblog. Half of the folks at Medium that night that downloaded this set probably far outnumber all the DnB geeks (including myself) on this site combined.

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