Syze – Apathy Mix 02/2006


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Evil mix by Vocalist, DJane and Agency owner Syze (Defcom, Incognito) from Seattle/Washington.

“DJ Syze began spinning in 1999. Over six years in the making Syze has come a long way from the underground days of drum and bass.. 2006 find Syze with more work for Defcom alongside Kryptic Minds and Unknown Error, work for Barcode alongside T.Z.A and Spor and her a major focus on her dowtemp/idm album along side Sorse, A.M Architect, T.Z.A, Psidream, Spor and Knick..” [defcomrec]

Check cover for tracklisting.

23 thoughts on “Syze – Apathy Mix 02/2006

  1. nice one!!!! and i just wanted to stay that is one of the dopest sites on the web!!!! keep up the awesome work guys! :D:D

  2. I’mma have to keep a stoned face about this….. :-|

    Because the first thing that certainly caught my attention was that, as I continued to listen this mix .It kept getting better, and better, and better, AND FUCKING BETTER!!!!!!! :-) :-) :-) ;-)

    Ohhhhhh my God Motherfucking RINSE OUT!!!!!!

    This has got to be one of the most hardest hardcore mixes done by a fellow “Female Junglist”, who for some reason had done something that most “Male DJ’s” couldn’t do (sorry fellas). She not only “kicked” some “serious ass” in this mix, but DJ Syze did it with absolute FUCKING PERFECTION!!!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-O I myself can’t image how most post listeners could possibly sleep on this mix. Unless they themselves were very much intimated by it. DJ Syze not only did this mixes with perfection but she had “super smooth” transition in and out, through each of the tracks with flawless mixing and effects.

    I myself have to give “Babygirl” a straight foward rating of “5 Stars”!!!!!!!!

    I have to be honest, I’m very disappointed that there hasn’t been that many DJ’s who are this fucking good!!!!!! DJ Syze should be compared to the status quo of fellow legendary female DJ’s who put the letter “D” in Drum and Bass. DJ Syze should not only be compared to the great legends, but she herself should be put in the top five best DJ’s in UK.

    1.) DJ Rap
    2.) DJ Wildchild
    3.)DJ Flight (one of my favorites)
    4.)DJ Essence
    5.)DJ Sage

    DJ Syze should at least be more better than one of these top ranking Five, even my own favorite.

    To me the way DJ Syze did this whole was more in a Old Skool Hardcore 93′ Junglist style. But she added a twist to this whole thing not just making this mix a “Junglist” mix, But in stylelific term of what I would call a……..“Neo Junglist” mix!!!!!!! The way this mix was put together I could say she may have did this whole thing on “6 turntables.”>>>>>>>But more than likely “Two”.

    She’s not only a true Junglist, but a Neo Junglist as well!!!!!!

    “I myself couldn’t complain about anything in this mix, the only thing I can say negative is that I wish other DJ’s could “Pimp” this mix the way was she can.”

    So if your reading this DJ Syze…………

    “Babygirl”……….You not only get my blessings but you definitely WON you a fan here on Breaksblog who loves 100% Jungle!!!!!

    Peace, Props, Respect, Appreciation, Madlove , Madd Madd LOVE!!!!!!!!………2 you for making me one HAPPY JUNGLE LISTENER!!!!!!! ;-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

    I’M GOING TO ADD THIS ONE TO MY SPECIAL COLLECTION!!!!!! Let me know if you have a website…….

    [[[Download this one guys]]]

    S.A .

  3. come down and stop the euphoria about female dnb djs. syze did a top selection and nice mixing but imo it wasnt really that perfect like “mr essay writer” said. respect to syze for her work as dj, producer, vocalist and agency owner…a true multi-talent!

    btw. read the post again to find her website.

  4. Stop your malicious bullshit hating Cream……….!!!!!!

    I’m not in the mood to hear your biases against not giving a Female DJ’s the respect that is due to them. This girl is defiantly has talent and much much more to offer in Dn’B. Your fucking upset causes her mixing is better than some of the others that has been heard here on Breaksblog.

    Now I’m not the one to start putting peoples names out there. But DJ Syze was vary much focus in this mix and she did not one fuck up on any of the track selections. Maybe if she was a “dude” you probably would have gave her non-stop props!!!!! But because she is a women, you fucking don’t even want to give this girl some praise!!!!!!!! I’m a guy just like you Cream, but at least I myself know how to give someone “credit where the credit is due.” DJ Syze deserves the fucking credit…..If I could compare this girl to a “Male DJ” I would say she is some where in between legends “Dieselboy” and “Danny Breaks”. With a little bit of “Source Direct” in her.

    She is this fucking good……….And I know this because I just read her “Bio” and she is from Seattle, Washington. I’ve heard of many great DJ’s from the city of Seattle like “DJ Teague” and 206 Underground. I’m from the “West” so I know a fellow “Westcoaster” when I hear one. I bet the reason your not peeping this girl up is because shes not from the UK. But if she was one of YOURS you would give some credit . Is that Fucking It!!! Is that how it works here in Breaksblog!!!! But because she herself represents the city of “Seattle”, YOUR ALL OF SUDDEN SILENT ABOUT THIS ONE!!!!
    Dude even if I myself get banned temporally for this one, I really don’t want to hear your fucking hating Cream!!!! Or anybody elses who doesn’t want to acknowledge she has great “Talent.”

    I’m really to bet money on this one…….Because I know a excellent DJ when I hear one. Plus I’m know what I’m talking about on this subject. You many not agree Cream,……….But then again you wouldn’t know talent if it “Smacked” you in the fucking face my friend!!!!

  5. only had to read the first pragraph to say: youre so fuckin BANNED.

    … you have some serious issues dude – go seek help

  6. btw. cream did give probs – he posted the mix on here! so wtf are you talking about? (don’t bother answering – your will be eaten by spam filter)

    no-one is fucking hating – except you.

  7. well i wasnt goint to post in here but i might as well :)

    sorry if the mix has caused drama and banned people from this board :( not my intention …. Sonic Assassin Says thank you for you support and the kind words, i am glad you enjoyed the mix and have such strong feelings about me as a dj / female hehe.. it truly means a ton …… so you know i take no offense to anything people will say about my mixes good or bad all opinions are welcome as its a good way to grow as a dj/person :) …… so with that said thanks for posting them mix up here guys and i will make sure to keep you all posted on future projects :)

  8. makes me jump around like …i’ve no idea :D

    definitly rocks!

    /me continious jumping ^^

  9. Joanna, I just listen to this mix for a 2nd time recently & YES! You are the hardest tasteful female dj i know (and better than alot of male). Hope to see you soon this year & keep workin’ hard = )

  10. uow!!! heavy!!! for me this is definitly one of the best mixes I found here. nice tracklist! you got skillz Syze and for that – Respect!!!

    I don`t know what makes a good dj in your eyes(ears) Cream&Sonic Assassin Says but don`t take it that seriously, please!
    if the music makes you feel good it`s o.k. – if not it`s o.k. too;)

    if you post comments i think you should rate the music and don`t say something about someone else comments. and don`t be nasty, please (it can be funny but i`m tired of reading tons of text caused by pissed off people)
    just enjoy your lives and the music you like;) and keep on posting your feelings about these (free!) tracks! breaksblog is great! peace to all of you;)

  11. I love this mix. It’s on repeat in car! It has all the elements of drum & bass I love: dark, rolling beats, ragga, & dark lol I adore it! Especially with one of my favorites: Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch. The track selection is killer & the mixing is slick…I just happened upon this website by accident, but I’m glad I found it. Your one of my favorite DJ now. I hope to hear more of your mixes. I hope to see DJ Syze live!

    On this note: I’m sick of hearing this gender shit. A DJ is a DJ, no matter what sex they are. I KNOW that people judge female DJ’s differently than male DJ’s, but I’m fucking sick of it. Especially in the genre of drum & bass…it’s dominated my males…but give respect when due…no matter who he/she is…



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