Lekke – The mix that never happened


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Just a little studio mix to showcase the beautiful music that doesn’t get played as often as it should. These producers know their business!!

01. Basic Operations – The Great Break Away – Soundtrax dub
02. Stunna & Release – Hallucinate – dub
03. Henree – On Top of the World – Solid Soul dub
04. CLS & Wax – October Star – Renegade
05. Geetox – Sounds – dub
06. Contour – One More Time – dub
07. Henree – So Nasty – Phunkfiction dub
08. Stunna & Contour – Neverlove – dub
09. Stress Level & TC1 feat. Jenna G – Lost In Music – Liquid V
10. CLS & Wax – Full of Strange – dub
11. Die & Clipz – Good Old Days – Full Cycle
12. Contour – Bring Love – dub
13. Henree – Swerving – dub
14. Chris.SU – What’s Happening – Hospital
15. DJ Samurai + Charlotte – I Wanna Tell You [Mace remix] – Restless Natives
16. Contour – Heartbeat – dub
17. DJ Rome & Twintone – I Try [Muffler remix] – Blu Saphir
18. CLS & Wax – Quite Perfect VIP II – dub
19. Laroque – Bad Girls – Walnut dub
20. B.Cee & Lomax – Can’t Say No [Cyantific remix] – Rubiks
21. Henree & J.MC – We Got Sound – dub
22. Organ of Corti – Perception – dub
23. 4 Hero – Mr. Kirk’s Nightmare [Organ of Corti remix] – dub
24. Pendulum – Out Here – BBK
25. LTJ Bukem – Atlantis [Organ of Corti booty] – dub
26. Contour – World Looks The Other Way – dub
27. Henree – One Love – Soundtrax dub
28. Stunna – Playing With Time – dub
29. CLS & Wax – Dead Awaken – dub
30. Contour – Dream Away – dub
31. Laroque – Oceans – Walnut dub
32. Henree – Reflex – Phunkfiction dub
33. Big Bud – Dimbobz – Super8Sound dub

Length: just under 108 mins. Guess why :)

56 thoughts on “Lekke – The mix that never happened

  1. Downloading now, but tracklist looks sick! I was a big fan of the “contoured” mix that was posted a while back. Looking forward to this one.

  2. boh daniel …nice 1 ;)

    btw: Yo momma’s so fat she gets clothes in three sizes: extra fat, jumbo, and ohmygodit’scomingtowardsus! :D

  3. Def, thanks for hosting! And I gotta tell you, yo mama’s so nasty, I called her up for phone sex and she gave me an ear infection! (remember that when u get to track #07)

  4. BO! i put on ma shades and i could almost believe it was summer! that mr kirk remix hey hey feck me about time some one did that! big up lekke!

  5. Mint! Absolutely loved the Contoured mix too, so really looking forward to hearing this beauty.

    Keep up the good work lekke.

  6. *LTJ Bukem – Atlantis [Organ of Corti booty] – dub*
    fuck, i liked it! sounds familiar but in over hand it’s different, so i think it’s interesting stuff..xex new-old school i guess :)

  7. Kicking ass tunes … except track 2 none of them get played very often.

    Nice work!

  8. good mix, more stuff like that please, some tunes i’ve never heard before, and i like surprises ;D

    go on

  9. The Mix is good on the whole.. the mixing together of CLS & Wax – Full of Strange & Die & Clipz – Good Old Days is sweet!!!

    Some of the tunes sound a bit basic though, slightly under produced compared to some of the better known tunes.. and the breakbeat tunes are shit, especially the remix of Mr Kiks Nightmare and Atlantis… but generally its a good mix

  10. Differing opinions on the Atlantis bootleg… I love it! Wkd stuff… Love the Big Bud tune @ the end aswell, heavy mix!

  11. Just got in from uni put this mix on and been dancing away ever since! This is a seriously tight mix, still got bout a third of it to go but from what ive heard its fucking awesome!!! Nice work Lekke, we need more people playing and giving this style of dnb the respect it deserves

  12. GREAT MIX.. been dying for a mix like this in a long time.. love the pushing sound of alot of the tracks.. light but pushing. only got 20 min in to the mix do.. wonderfull!!..

    more sets like this!

  13. This is absolutely insanity… man. Thanks Lekke, once more u’ve done it !!

    salutes from finland !

  14. …still a little heads up about a couple of dubs in the mix….

    “Bring Love” is signed to canadian label called Capella. “World looks the other way” is the b-side of my forthcoming Phunkfiction “12. “Dream away” is signed to Jerona Fruits.

    the henree tracks are tasty as hell !!

  15. Love your tunes Contour, something special you got there mate. Keep them coming :)

  16. hey contour how bout melancholoy minor or the track before it on the contoured mix. the drop at like 12:50 or so gives me goosebumps every time i hear it

  17. thanks lakes & swerve — hope to please ur demanding ears in the future too !!

  18. Nice, Nice, Nice…..

    Liking the CLS & Wax Bits and the Contour Stuff….

    good to see some under-rated producers getting their props, instead of the same old dubs getting rinsed.

  19. thanks everyone for taking the time to leave a comment

    and of course thanks to all these boys that keep sending in their wonderful music

  20. swerve, thats melancholy minor yes…… it was sorta scheduled already for a release, but it didnt work out… no news now about that one sorry, we’ll see if someone will grab it !

    once more thx lekke 4 spreading the sound.

  21. Serious depth here with enough funk to keep you moving. Nice one. Respect.

  22. Cheeeeers for putting this one out!
    Fat liquid mix, didn’t expect it right from the beginning but by now my room transformed to a dicoteque. Thx Lekke!

  23. this mix looks awesome, but the link doesn’t work :( is there anywhere else to get it from – please!!

  24. 7 years on……still as special….fucking love every one of these tunes and Lekke is on point. RESPECT!

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