SPL – Live on Destroyer.net 11/02/06


host: rapidshare.de (follow link, click on free and wait..)

Dark’n’dirty amen sounds mixed by SPL (Tech Itch, Barcode) from the Netherlands/USA for destroyer.net radio.

Don’t miss his fourthcoming ‘The Death EP’ on Tech Itch recordings (TI046).


01. SPL – The Assailant [Freak]
02. SPL – Cant Live [Freak]
03. Limewax – Face it Alone [???]
04. B-Key – The Mask [???]
05. SPL – Its Not The Weight Its The Size Of My Heart [TBC]
06. Limewax – Escape [???]
07. SPL – Global Chaos [Freak]
08. Tech Itch – Ancients [???]
09. Technical Itch – Demon [Penetration]
10. Noisia – Subdue [Renegade Hardware]
11. Counterstrike – White Light [Evol Intent]
12. Limewax – Slaves [Tech Freak]
13. SPL – Black Solstice [Freak]
14. SPL – Murderin [???]
15. SPL – Death [Tech Itch]
16. Limewax – The Seed [Tech Freak]
17. Submerged – Servant (Technical Itch rmx) [Ohm Resistance]
>>> Limewax – 666 [Freak]
18. Limewax – Everything [Tech Freak]

10 thoughts on “SPL – Live on Destroyer.net 11/02/06

  1. Yo man, whats up with the link!!!!!

    I mean i clicked on it to download it from the uploading website and it’s like a F-ing maze just to get the mp3 file.


    Yo if anybody out there can you post the file on a differen link so I can download it.

    And can anybody get Tim, so he can repost this link!!!!!Cause I really wanna hear some smashing Amen………..


  2. ohhhh my bad man, sorry about that.

    When I had did that the first time downloading this link, i didn’t work and rapidshare is kinda confuesing you know….But thanks anyway…….I got the mix i’m going to listen to it this afternoon.But i still think someone show temporarly host this link.Just to save headaches to other ppl. :-) :-) 8-)

  3. fuckin fuck!!!!!
    spl kicks ass… and i cant download his set….
    karma…. what the fuck did i ever do to you??!!

    haha well i shall keep trying i guess. someone should reallly get a better host. i agreeee

    sooo confused

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